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RETIREES: Leave age for retiring where it is

Re: “Group of CEOs calls for raising the retirement age” (TNT, 1-17).

The CEOs of Business Roundtable want the retirement age to be raised to 70 for both Social Security and Medicare.

I wonder how many of these CEOs are going to have to rely on either Social Security or Medicare when they get ready to retire?

Also, how many of them have ever had to look for a job after reaching the age of 50 or so? Or how many of them hire people over the age of 50 in their businesses?

I would hope they reconsider this

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RETIREMENT: Retirees have earned reward

Re: “Medicare and Social Security: Have and have-nots” (Our View, 11-15).

After reading this piece, I have to ask: What is your point? Should we, as retirees, feel a sense of guilt for having more than the entry level generation? Our generation is already known as one that helps with college costs, provides down payments for homes, and houses its unemployed adult children. But it seems this piece suggests we should take it a step further: Agree to reductions in Social Security and Medicare coverage.

In spite of the statistics you offer, we believe the financial spread between young

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