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RESCUES: Taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill

I agree with an earlier letter writer that skiers, hikers and mountain climbers should post a bond, or pay in advance, in case they need to be rescued. Many of these nature lovers go into dangerous areas where they shouldn’t go. We taxpayers are paying for these rescues.

There seem to be more and more rescues every year. Many rescue workers have given there lives to save these people.

People have a right to their fun, but not at the expense of the taxpayers if they need rescuing. The nature lovers need to pay for their own rescues.



RESCUES: Nature lovers should pre-pay to cover costs

Every year we read stories about missing hikers, mountain climbers and skiers who need rescued. I am not against participating in the great outdoors, but who pays for these rescues?

I don’t know how much the helicopters, sheriff’s department and other rescue workers might cost taxpayers, directly or indirectly, but maybe it’s time to consider requiring these nature lovers to post a bond before venturing over hill and dale.