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POLITICS: Hollow rhetoric achieves nothing

A letter (TNT, 7-15) comparing leftist and conservative ideology on several topics was extremely illustrative, in that the letter writer lives in a box where he doesn’t once stop to consider opposing views; he lists a few things, points out the Democrats’ position on that thing, and claims victory of thought without ever explaining why that position is the correct one.

A minimum wage increase sounds nice, but when the dust settles, the guy making 15 bucks is still the lowest-paid worker, and all that really happens is the poor sap trying to climb up the ladder who was

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POLITICS: Where are the moderates?

In recent years, I have noticed moderate Republicans, seemingly in a state of confusion, doing nothing more than deploring their own decline. In that confusion, they allowed the darlings of the far right – Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Eric Cantor, Darrell Issa, to name a few – to monopolize the spotlight. Their incoherent campaign rhetoric became party doctrine, advocating everything from libertarianism to theocracy to oligarchy – apparently, democracy had lost favor.

And that is frightening, because with all those extreme ideologies comes an ugly decline of America’s middle class. Expect to see fewer safety nets for those in need, increasing obstacles to higher education, neglect

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IMMIGRATION: Pass real reform now

The Republican leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives needs to step up and address immigration reform. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who is from our state, has the ability to move this legislation. She and Congressman Dave Reichert should press to bring this issue to a vote in the House.

It is time that members of Congress know that immigration reform needs to happen now. Washington residents overwhelmingly support the passage of comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship.

Immigration reform would provide a boost in our economy. Reform is needed for U.S. military personnel who are serving our country

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OBAMA: Hope and change sabatoged by GOP

Re: “What happened to ‘hope and change’”? (online letter).

This letter makes a very valuable point. President Obama has not been able to create the change that the voters had hoped for.

The voters hoped that this president could change the course from that which the previous administration had set. We were deeply involved in two expensive wars. The tax cuts to the wealthy crippled our ability to pay our bills and continues to shift our wealth from the middle class and poor to those who are already overly wealthy. The resulting economic crash threatened the livelihood of the

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CONGRESS: What’s wrong with offsetting new costs?

Time for another extension of unemployment benefits – a sad fact, considering the “recession” ended years ago and trillions have been pumped into the economy. Recall the stimulus, shovel-ready jobs, the multiplier effect of government money influx, etc.

As always, the Democrats are blaming those mean Republicans for even suggesting that we pay for any and all future benefit programs. Not only do they blame those evil GOP types for the past misadventures, but now Sens. Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid attack Republicans for wanting to hurt children!

Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s proposal to pay for extending benefits by simply asking

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GOP: Republicans aren’t heeding constituents

I just heard Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell declare that the Senate is broken and if Republicans win this year, he will fix it. Unbelievable!

This is the Senate Republican leader who has sponsored almost as many filibusters in four-plus years as have been done in the previous history of the country. I’d offer that as evidence of Senate wreckage. Beyond that, he stated that the Democrats are offering poll-tested ideas, as if this is weak leadership.

If Senate leaders are offering what the people would like to see, they are doing the will of the people. Republicans seem to

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BENEFITS: Compromise is always possible

Real compromise involves both sides giving something up. It is possible between conservatives and liberals in the House.

In exchange for extending unemployment benefits, which liberals want, conservatives – who believe that those benefits only exacerbate unemployment – would consider trade-offs for other policies to bolster employment.

For example, conservatives favor cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, whose policies they believe have hurt economic recovery. We could start by cuts to the billions that go to other counties to deal with global warming – $7.45 billion over three years, according to Secretary of State John Kerry.

We could cut funds

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INEQUALITY: Still time to avoid next American revolution

Because corporate lobbyists own both Congress and the White House, our economic laws are skewed to redistribute wealth upward. An ever-shrinking elite of oligarchs live off the labor of others, forcing the once prosperous middle class into a downward wage spiral that turns us into a caste of post-industrial corporate serfs.

This theft of America’s wealth by the elites will continue as long as we vote for Republicans or Democrats, the two wings of one Wall Street country club.

Our failure to deal with this crisis of “income inequality” will be the cause of the next American revolution. It won’t

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