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BENGHAZI: Little reporting on GOP findings

For several years, the Republicans have been blowing the horn about “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi” in an attempt to indict our president for events with that terrible terrorist attack on our diplomats on Sept. 11, 2012.

But lo and behold, by a report of a committee chaired by none other than Republican hawk congressman Darrell Issa, we now know that a predominantly Republican investigation found no intelligence failure in the Benghazi attacks.

Indeed, the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee concluded that the CIA and U.S. military responded appropriately to the attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi and dismissed allegations that the Obama

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US: Democrats drive middle class to poverty

Perhaps the American middle class has been resurrected by the recent election. President Obama and the Democrats still continue to suppress the middle class who built America.

In six years President Obama and the Democrats have driven the near-utopian American middle class (compared to any other country) towards poverty. The Democrats took the middle class’ medical insurance away by dictating procedures, doctors, insurances, bureaucracy, and raised costs followed by a host of new taxes. Taxes, fees, regulations came fast and furious in all areas.

Ethnic, gender and religious groups are further divided by the Democrats. The Muslim terrorists are overwhelming the

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ELECTION: Propaganda takes its toll

Now that the election is over, it is clear that six years of anti-Obama, anti-liberal propaganda eschewed by Fox “News” and the likes of Rush Limbaugh have taken its toll. I am not surprised that Republicans, living in irrational fear of the “anti American socialist and his unpatriotic heathen party,” had good results this cycle.

Who could not have predicted that republicans would win big this year? Fear, anger and hate are great motivators. And, partisan fear, anger and hate run amok, broadcast into our homes and minds 24/7 under the guise of being fair and balanced “news.”

Fox tells

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ELECTION: The American people did not speak

Re: “The American people have spoken” (letter, 11-07).

The American people did not speak in this election. A minority of voters (an estimated 36 percent) spoke. The majority of Americans did speak in 2012 with a 57 percent turnout, but this was ignored.

Money spoke loud and proud with and estimated $3.7 billion spent, most of which was contributed by .2 percent of the population. I guess money is speech, and corporations really are people.

Voter suppression spoke this election. MIDTREVO (Mandatory Identification Targeted to REstrict VOting) and the gutting of the Voting Rights Act gave the conservatives a legal loophole to bypass the

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ELECTION: If Romney were president

They say this election is a rejection of Obama’s policies. But if Mitt Romney were president, his policies would be virtually identical to Obama’s, the economy would be where it is today, and Republicans would crow about his achievements, lauding him for:

* Saving the economy from collapse;
* Restoring the U.S. automotive industry;
* Achieving a 60-year low in the deficit spending rate;
* Bringing unemployment under 6%;
* Stimulating record corporate profits;
* Raising the Dow-Jones by 10,000 points;
* Decreasing U.S. dependency on foreign oil;
* Making us a world

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ELECTION: Democrats shouldn’t be apathetic

I think we should all be grateful that we have a president who wants all Americans to have a living wage, affordable health care and a clean environment. His commitment to not put American ground troops at risk in the current Mideast conflict after the tremendous price our service men and women and their families have already paid in Iraq further reflects the value he puts on their lives and service to our country.

Diplomacy rather than war with Syria did work to reduce its stockpiles and use of chemical weapons. Diplomacy and economic sanctions have at least kept Iran engaged

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POLITICS: Hollow rhetoric achieves nothing

A letter (TNT, 7-15) comparing leftist and conservative ideology on several topics was extremely illustrative, in that the letter writer lives in a box where he doesn’t once stop to consider opposing views; he lists a few things, points out the Democrats’ position on that thing, and claims victory of thought without ever explaining why that position is the correct one.

A minimum wage increase sounds nice, but when the dust settles, the guy making 15 bucks is still the lowest-paid worker, and all that really happens is the poor sap trying to climb up the ladder who was

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POLITICS: Where are the moderates?

In recent years, I have noticed moderate Republicans, seemingly in a state of confusion, doing nothing more than deploring their own decline. In that confusion, they allowed the darlings of the far right – Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Eric Cantor, Darrell Issa, to name a few – to monopolize the spotlight. Their incoherent campaign rhetoric became party doctrine, advocating everything from libertarianism to theocracy to oligarchy – apparently, democracy had lost favor.

And that is frightening, because with all those extreme ideologies comes an ugly decline of America’s middle class. Expect to see fewer safety nets for those in need, increasing obstacles to higher education, neglect

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