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SHUTDOWN: Congress’ inaction is unacceptable

Shutting down the government and failing to pay the government bills because you didn’t get your way is unacceptable. Many hard-working government employees won’t be getting paid, but members of Congress will.

My voting history could be described as independent but leaning Republican. This time I will be withholding my vote for all Republicans at all levels. I urge others to do the same.

It used to be that we could look to Republicans for fiscally responsible good government. That’s not true anymore. Tea party extremists have taken over.

Obamacare has flaws, but they’re not as bad as our current

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GOP: Republicans ‘giddy’ over looming disaster

The News Tribune’s front-page headline (9-27), “Parties use health care to threaten shutdown,” suggests that Democrats and Republicans are equally to blame. Correction: Only the Republicans are refusing to pay our bills.

The last time Republicans held the government hostage, they cost us billions of dollars by lowering government credit-worthiness and eliminated millions of jobs through sequestration.

Now they demand abandoning health insurance for all before they will pass a temporary budget. And they may refuse to follow their constitutional obligation to fund the national debt if they don’t get their way on many ill-considered proposals. Their actions threaten

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GOP: Party has sunk to a low level

It’s hard to believe that a political party that at one time was the most respected party could stoop so low. Back when President Eisenhower was in office, the Republican Party was the greatest. Now that the tea party is in charge, it has sunk low.

Anyone who would waste their vote on these people is no better than they are. They have no respect for the people who put them in office – only the corporations that fund their agendas. It is extremely sad to see the infrastructure that was constructed by the Republican Party now being destroyed by

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HEALTH: Republicans too late with cruel ‘solution’

All the whining about “Obamacare” is the Republican Party being scared to death that the general public will like it as the citizens in developed Europe enjoy their health care.

The Republicans had eight years to take care of the problem. It takes that long to wake up an elephant to the fact some of their citizens need health care?

This “solution” of providing a tax credit is utter cruelty to the working poor who can never itemize due to never having enough income to be able to. A tax credit means nothing to the working poor.

But then, why

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OBAMA: Republicans are ones flouting the law

Re: “Can Obama continue to write his own laws?” (Charles Krauthammer column, 8-16).

I make it a general rule to avoid Krauthammer’s columns. Unlike other conservatives, he is less interested in solutions than others. This column was a broad indictment of things that President Obama has done with health care, the war on drugs and other domestic issues. He made the point that our president was doing these thing without Congress and implied it was the foundation of a banana republic.

As a voter, I want to be very clear that I believe when people are elected, it is

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CONGRESS: Enjoy summer and fear the fall

With the housing market, jobs, retail sales and construction on the rise; mortgage rates holding steady; and the annual deficit decreasing, I see reason for optimism.

On the other side of the coin, I see the conservative fringe of the Republican Party threatening some very bad behavior in the fall session of congress. If we can believe their summer recess threats, we face a possible government shutdown and lower taxes for the rich, with all the benefits that trickle down to the working class.

Their proposed social agenda is equally as destructive: Further attacks on women’s reproductive rights, suppression of

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CONGRESS: Senate should get rid of filibuster

Sen. Harry Reid is 100 percent correct when he stated that “the Senate is broken and needs to be fixed” (TNT, 7-16). What he should have added was the Senate is a mockery of the concept of democratic government as long as it keeps the filibuster rule for any reason.

Until recently the Senate filibuster was used by conservatives to kill civil rights legislation. Historically it stopped anti-slavery legislation and created the issues bringing on the Civil War.

Now the Republicans are using it to shut down government so they can turn around and blame President Obama for governmental incompetence

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BUDGET: Republicans incapable of state business

So we are within days of a possible state shutdown because the policies of the Republican Party are so disgusting that the Legislature is blocked. They refuse to generate the reasonable revenue to run the state and instead opt to run us into the ground. This is completely absurd and unnecessary.

I vote for running Tim Eyman out of Washington on a rail. He is the worst problem facing Washington. For the promise of pocket change he has deceived Washington voters and has made himself wealthy by insulting and denigrating public servants. He’s a for-hire thug, camera-hog crybaby who is

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