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GOP: Tea partiers should consider the Dems

I remember the irony I felt when I heard things tea partiers were saying in the previous general election when they claimed they wanted to take their country back. Among the quotes were things like, “Don’t steal my Medicare!” and “Hands off my Social Security.”

Well, folks, Republicans have now, through their proposed budgets, made it very clear they have no such intent. I guess that’s the problem with having to lead.

In the past, they had the Paul Ryan budget, but they could pretend it was fake because it would never get through the Senate. Now, it looks very

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GOP: Let’s hope the moderates prevail

Here’s the bad news. Almost daily we get threats from GOP spokespersons claiming that all forms of retribution are possible if the party doesn’t get its way: Defunding health care, privatizing Social Security, abolishing the departments of Justice and Education, ignoring immigration reform, overturning environmental and civil rights legislation or, in a fit of desperation, entirely shutting down the government. Of course, that shutdown would not apply to paychecks for members of Congress.

Now for the good news. We have mainstream Republican friends and family who are moderate and compassionate and do not approve of the GOP’s fear-mongering message. We

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POLITICS:Compare and contrast political parties

As the elections are approaching, I just want to give my score card for the political parties.

• Democrats favor a minimum wage increase. Republicans either oppose the increase or oppose a minimum wage entirely.

• Democrats want to extend unemployment benefits past 100 weeks. Republicans have blocked a vote on this since the beginning of the year.

• Democrats, in general, believe something has to be done about climate change. Republican are in full-throated denial that this exists, using as evidence last year’s cold winter.

• Democrats believe the government can help with health care/insurance issues and almost singlehandedly enacted Obamacare. Some Republican

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GOP: Republicans are no friend to the GLBTQ community

The Republican Party promises to be more inclusive and open the “big tent.” Judging by the actions of the Washington State Republicans, the tent appears closed to the GLBTQ community.

A campaign by the state party and the conservative Freedom Foundation has tried to paint a prominent businesswoman and Democratic donor as homophobic and racist. Possibly because they were stung by losses in 2012, the groups pressured Thurston County Democrats to return donations and refuse future funds. To justify this, they trumpet highly edited video made to give the appearance of intolerant speech and behavior.

This is destined to fail

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FWAY: Is TNT shilling for ‘Republican’ candidate?

The article (thenewstribune.com, 6-10) on 30th District state Senate candidate Shari Song reads like it came straight from a Republican Party press release. Aside from the use of the denigrating epithet “carpetbagger,” the article is full of “buts” and “thoughs” and “stills,” separating tepid comparisons of the candidates followed by one-sided, cherry-picked digs at Song, a Democrat.

No slams against Republican Mark Miloscia’s 180-degree ideological turn (he formerly identified as a Democrat)? No critique against the thousands pouring into his campaign from corporate lobbyists and political operatives? No discussion of the likelihood that any of his formerly closely held

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OBAMA: Hard to take hateful GOP seriously

Re: “Obama a ‘monarch’ one day, ‘weak’ the next?” (TNT, 3-5).

Dana Milbank illustrates how irrational the Republican Party has become. As he so beautifully pointed out, you cannot have a “weak” tyrant. One moment this president is an autocratic dictator, controlling this government; the next he is weak, indecisive and incapable of exercising the power of the United States.

There comes a point when perhaps the pundits realize what the voters did in the last election. Hating President Obama as they do, they have crossed into the territory of the irrational. It just doesn’t work to be cast

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EXTREMISM: Author shows his liberal bias

Re: “Nothing extremists love more than hijacking revolutions” (TNT, 1-1).

It’s interesting that Ben Barber includes Republicans, Catholics and the tea party among the extremists, putting them in the same category as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, Hamas and other terrorist groups. Really?

I happen to be a conservative and tend to vote Republican because the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the liberal/progressive faction. I am also a Catholic, and none of the Catholics I know could be described as extremists.

While I am not a tea party member, I support a lot of their values. They believe

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GOP: Real agenda is not paying taxes

For the past four years, the Republican Party has staked its entire existence on opposing health care reform in general and what is called Obamacare specifically. This is particularly ironic since much of the law has been drawn from the GOP’s own ideas and policies.

Despite Republicans’ often frenzied efforts and success at keeping supporters in a high state of rage and anxiety, they have not and cannot stop the Affordable Care Act.

Indicative of their real agenda has been the tremendous rejoicing and gloating at the temporary failure of the websites, more evidence of a party-first, country-last attitude. All

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