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OBAMA: Hard to take hateful GOP seriously

Re: “Obama a ‘monarch’ one day, ‘weak’ the next?” (TNT, 3-5).

Dana Milbank illustrates how irrational the Republican Party has become. As he so beautifully pointed out, you cannot have a “weak” tyrant. One moment this president is an autocratic dictator, controlling this government; the next he is weak, indecisive and incapable of exercising the power of the United States.

There comes a point when perhaps the pundits realize what the voters did in the last election. Hating President Obama as they do, they have crossed into the territory of the irrational. It just doesn’t work to be cast

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EXTREMISM: Author shows his liberal bias

Re: “Nothing extremists love more than hijacking revolutions” (TNT, 1-1).

It’s interesting that Ben Barber includes Republicans, Catholics and the tea party among the extremists, putting them in the same category as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, Hamas and other terrorist groups. Really?

I happen to be a conservative and tend to vote Republican because the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the liberal/progressive faction. I am also a Catholic, and none of the Catholics I know could be described as extremists.

While I am not a tea party member, I support a lot of their values. They believe

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GOP: Real agenda is not paying taxes

For the past four years, the Republican Party has staked its entire existence on opposing health care reform in general and what is called Obamacare specifically. This is particularly ironic since much of the law has been drawn from the GOP’s own ideas and policies.

Despite Republicans’ often frenzied efforts and success at keeping supporters in a high state of rage and anxiety, they have not and cannot stop the Affordable Care Act.

Indicative of their real agenda has been the tremendous rejoicing and gloating at the temporary failure of the websites, more evidence of a party-first, country-last attitude. All

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I-522: Republican Party forgets to be conservative?

It is disappointing to see the state Republican Party represent the six out-of-state multinational corporations that are funding the opposition campaign of Initiative 522 (Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer, Groceries Manufacturers Association, Bayer Cropscience, Dow Agrosciences and BASF) instead of its local constituents.

I would like to think that the party would embrace I-522, because it is actually consistent with the Republican platform:

• It’s about high family values. This initiative will empower Washington shoppers by giving us more information about what is in the food we eat and feed our families.

• It’s about mandating consistency in food labeling. Labeling for

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SHUTDOWN: Congress’ inaction is unacceptable

Shutting down the government and failing to pay the government bills because you didn’t get your way is unacceptable. Many hard-working government employees won’t be getting paid, but members of Congress will.

My voting history could be described as independent but leaning Republican. This time I will be withholding my vote for all Republicans at all levels. I urge others to do the same.

It used to be that we could look to Republicans for fiscally responsible good government. That’s not true anymore. Tea party extremists have taken over.

Obamacare has flaws, but they’re not as bad as our current

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GOP: Republicans ‘giddy’ over looming disaster

The News Tribune’s front-page headline (9-27), “Parties use health care to threaten shutdown,” suggests that Democrats and Republicans are equally to blame. Correction: Only the Republicans are refusing to pay our bills.

The last time Republicans held the government hostage, they cost us billions of dollars by lowering government credit-worthiness and eliminated millions of jobs through sequestration.

Now they demand abandoning health insurance for all before they will pass a temporary budget. And they may refuse to follow their constitutional obligation to fund the national debt if they don’t get their way on many ill-considered proposals. Their actions threaten

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GOP: Party has sunk to a low level

It’s hard to believe that a political party that at one time was the most respected party could stoop so low. Back when President Eisenhower was in office, the Republican Party was the greatest. Now that the tea party is in charge, it has sunk low.

Anyone who would waste their vote on these people is no better than they are. They have no respect for the people who put them in office – only the corporations that fund their agendas. It is extremely sad to see the infrastructure that was constructed by the Republican Party now being destroyed by

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HEALTH: Republicans too late with cruel ‘solution’

All the whining about “Obamacare” is the Republican Party being scared to death that the general public will like it as the citizens in developed Europe enjoy their health care.

The Republicans had eight years to take care of the problem. It takes that long to wake up an elephant to the fact some of their citizens need health care?

This “solution” of providing a tax credit is utter cruelty to the working poor who can never itemize due to never having enough income to be able to. A tax credit means nothing to the working poor.

But then, why

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