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OIL: Samuelson is wrong on energy

Re: “With right policies, U.S. can attain ‘energy independence’” (Robert J. Samuelson column, 4-5).

The initial display of reason in Samuelson’s recent piece was a welcome respite. Alas, to endure was to be dismayed. But I was resolute to wade through the hyperbole and grasp at straws of commonality.

Samuelson does admit we “can’t drill our way out of dependence” from “erratic” global oil-market gyrations which inflate gas prices (along with speculation) and over which we have “little control” and fesses up to the drill-baby-drill farce.

But onward and upward; Samuelson then imagines a fanciful natural gas nirvana.


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ENERGY: Washington legislators stepped up for clean energy

Re: “Renewable energy industry banking on more grants” (thenewstribune.com, 12-9).

While the news on our economic recovery has not been great, clean energy has been doing its part to create jobs and clean our environment. Despite this success, a critical federal incentive for renewable energy, like wind and solar, was set to expire at the end of this year [.

In order to continue the growth of clean, renewable energy and to maintain and create tens of thousands of jobs, the renewable energy industries, environmental community, labor movement and others joined champions in the House and Senate, like Sens. Patty

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