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PRAYER BREAKFAST: Time for a name change

I believe some of the current controversy around the Pierce County Prayer Breakfast could be cleared up if the Tacoma Christian Laymen’s Outreach would simply change the name of the annual event.

The name implies that this event is a public event hosted by Pierce County, which it is not. I had long wondered why Pierce County held a Christian prayer breakfast and why government leaders participated in a public religious observance.

I was relieved to find out this is not actually the case. It is time for the Christian Outreach group to put its private name on its private

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UGANDA: Voice concern about anti-gay policies

Last month an overflow crowd viewed “God Loves Uganda” at the Tacoma Grand Cinema.The film is about American missionaries who support the criminalization of homosexuality in Uganda.

After the viewing I led a discussion. Attendees wanted to know how they could express concern. The issues in the film came home Monday when President Yoweri Musevini of Uganda signed a law imposing harsh sentences, including life imprisonment, for homosexual acts, joining a list of nations where homosexuality is criminalized. In 10 of those nations, homosexuality can be punishable by death.

There is division within the Christian community in Tacoma on the

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MARRIAGE: Stop making ‘choices’ argument

Re: “Don’t equate marriage, unions” (letter, 2-19).

The writer makes the same argument about lifestyle “choices” that others have made before. My question to people who denounce others in this way is, “Exactly when did you make the choice to be heterosexual?”

Does everyone fill out a pros and cons chart at puberty to choose if they will approach men or women as partners for the rest of their life? Nobody that I have asked has done this. I did not do this. I have always liked women and even had a girlfriend in kindergarten.

The gay people I have

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AMERICA: It’s OK for minority to bully majority?

Why is it that if you believe marriage is defined as between one man and one woman you are labeled a bigot? If you disagree with the president’s damaging policies they call you a racist? Or if you believe that abortion is morally wrong you are said to hate women? If you are a devout believer in God and attend a church, you are somehow less intelligent and misled.

What happened to an America where people were allowed freedom and liberty and didn’t have a statist agenda forced upon them? When did the minority bully the majority?

I say it

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RELIGION: Catholic school right to fire gay educator

Re: “Marriage led to firing, educator says” (TNT, 1-7).

The firing of the vice principal of the Catholic school in Sammamish was determined by the educator himself. He knew the well-known standard of the church in regards to homosexuality. That was and is determined by the Holy Bible, which states: ‘Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womenkind: it is an abomination.”

The Catholic Church has every reason and legal right to fire those who are not obeying or living up to the standards that the church teaches. But it is more than that; it is their responsibility

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‘DUCK DYNASTY': Only acceptable opinions allowed?

Re: “Patriarch off ‘Duck Dynasty’ after comments” (TNT, 12-20).

The father from “Duck Dynasty” is being “dropped” from the show due to his comments regarding homosexuality in an interview. It is an interesting time in which we live when someone quotes Scripture from God’s Holy Word – the Bible – and it is labeled by some as “discrimination.”

Discrimination is defined as treating someone as “less than” or at a disadvantage based on some trait, such as ethnicity, age, religion or, in this case, sexual orientation. Nowhere do I find that discrimination is defined as having a belief system

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SKEPTICS: Are believers too loony to be scientists?

Re: “Unbelievers coming together in Tacoma” (TNT, 10-24).

If 5 percent of Americans say they are atheists, certainly a vast majority of those are scientists. Scientists are loathe to concede that a mind a whole lot smarter than theirs designed our universe. Anyone crazy enough to suggest that the myriad of complex and harmonious elements of our natural world are by Intelligent Design is ridiculed, loony  and unworthy to be accepted into their elite society.

By the way, Charles Darwin was not an atheist, nor was Isaac Newton.

When will they create life from dead matter? When pigs fly.

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FORT HOOD: Religious reference doesn’t make shooting terrorism

Re: “Massacre was terrorism, not workplace violence” (letter, 8-9).

The writer uses the same old deception that we’ve come to depend on by conservatives: Because the Fort Hood shooter yelled a religious slogan, that makes this a “terrorist” event.

When there are events where other religious slogans are shouted – like “God bless (fill in the blank)” – does that makes those events terrorism as well?

How about recognizing that the Fort Hood shooter was mentally incapacitated, and his penchant for religious slogans is but a part of his ailment?