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REDISTRICTING: Court backs politicians, not people

Re: “Court leaves redistricting map in place” (TNT, 3-15).

Shame on the Washington Supreme Court, the attorney general, the secretary of state and the Washington State Redistricting Commission for putting the politicians ahead of the people of Washington in this redistricting mess.

I testified before the commission to complain about the gerrymandering of both my congressional and legislative districts to benefit the incumbents by guaranteeing their re-election. The commission ignored me, the people of the state of Washington, its duty and finally the law to our detriment and should be vilified for it.

But what can you expect from

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PIERCE COUNTY: Redistricting shoud be redone

Re: “Panel adopts district map despite critics” (TNT. 7-13).

What a mess! I am not politically shrewd, but even I understand how important redistricting is for fair representation of community interests.

The Pierce County Council didn’t place much importance on it, given the inadequate time allowed to develop a redistricting plan. Districting Committee members didn’t take it too seriously either, apparently believing it was an honest, above-board exercise in equitable redistribution of voting power.

Committee members learned about the plan adoption rules for the first time Tuesday evening, and also learned that the Democrat appointees and their politically affiliated “Master

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PIERCE COUNTY: Kudos to Flemming for rising above partisan politics

It is rare that I want to tip my cap to a Republican or a former opponent, but Pierce County Councilman Stan Flemming deserves kudos for crossing party lines on Tuesday’s council vote regarding the county’s Redistricting Commission.

Flemming has also been very responsive and engaging in helping PenMet Parks address some county issues that would allow the district to provide more recreational opportunities on the Gig Harbor Peninsula. I hope he continues to do what is right for his constituents, not just his party.

On the flip side, it is disappointing to see Councilmen Roger Bush and Dick Muri

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