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CAMERAS: Both side are missing the point

Enough already with the red- light camera debate. Each side is missing the point of the other. Red-light cameras, just like guns or alcohol, are not inherently bad. The fault lies in the manner in which the devices ares used.

Does anyone really think deterring reckless drivers running red lights is bad? I doubt that anyone does. Clearly it is in the public interest to prevent such actions that can and often do lead to untold grief and suffering of innocent drivers.

If the cameras are used to cite such egregious behavior, then indeed use them to cite such violations

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CAMERAS: Lengthen duration of yellow lights

Re: “Innovative technology – like red-light cameras – saves lives” (Viewpoint, 5-20).

I see that in Mark Rosenker we finally have a public safety official admitting that increasing yellow-light duration is 50 percent more effective than cameras alone in reducing red-light runners. Combining longer yellows and cameras improves safety even more.

Yet do we have longer yellow lights at these monitored intersections? No. And this is why so many are opposed to the cameras: Adding one or two seconds to the length of the yellow light is so effective that the profit margin all but disappears.

Now we have more

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CAMERAS: Safety devices deserve public support

I find it hard to understand why people would oppose red-light cameras. In separate accidents, my wife and I were hit by large trucks that ran red lights. Had it not been for witnesses, it probably could not have been proven who ran the lights.

One of our vehicles was totaled out, and I required emergency room treatment for my injuries. Our other vehicle had several thousands dollars of damage, but fortunately my wife was not injured. If it had not been for air bags and seat belts, who knows what our injuries would have been?

If cameras are reducing

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CAMERAS: Ban them? We need even more

I read with interest the intent of some legislators to ban the red light cameras (TNT, 1-7). I don’t understand, as this would benefit only red-light runners.

Running a light can hardly be compared with parking infractions. The former seriously endangers lives, while parking habits are hardly life-threatening.

Should this subject come up for a vote, I shall certainly be voting to keep the cameras and even increase the number of them.


LAKEWOOD: Red-light camera proceeding was unfair

I received a notice in the mail recently which seemed to show that my vehicle had apparently just crossed the South Tacoma Way/state Route 512 intersection as the light was turning red. A series of photographs accompanied the documentation.

The photographs clearly showed a very large truck in front of my vehicle. I pleaded my case to the judge at Lakewood Municipal Court. We looked over a video on a computer in the courtroom, and it showed that I had crossed 38/100th of a second too late. The judge did not concede in my favor.

Yet, before the

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TRAFFIC: Collisions are not accidents

Your excellent article on red light cameras (9-12) was marred by the repeated reference to auto collisions as “accidents.” It was not until the last two paragraphs that the word “collision” appeared.

When I got my first license to drive in 1956, the State Patrol made it very clear that when a vehicle collides with another vehicle or other object, it is not an accident. It is the direct result of something the operator did wrong that caused the collision.

Calling a collision an accident relieves the person causing the collision of the responsibility for his/her actions that caused the

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TRAFFIC: Cameras no problem for safe drivers

Re: “Red-light cameras: Do they live up to hype?” (TNT, 9-12).

What is all the fuss about? My son is currently taking a driver’s education class, and he knows you have to stop at the stop line at a red light. At what point do we as licensed drivers feel that we are above the law or that our needs are more important than the safety of others around us?

Coming to a complete stop to check for pedestrians, bicycles or vehicles is expected every time. In fact, people’s lives depend on us to obey the law. Rear-end accidents because

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