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GARBAGE: Freeze scraps for trouble-free disposal

Re: “Twice-monthly trash may start next year” (TNT, 4-30).

I had not realized just how much food waste I generate in a week, let alone two. One way to handle this food waste without odor or pests until pickup date is to freeze it.

Many people with families have large, chest-type freezers in the basement or garage, often not full. Even smaller freezers can be utilized: Make it a priority to scoop out a space. Put the newspaper-wrapped bundle into a plastic grocery bag, then put it in the freezer. On the day before or the day of brown

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TACOMA: Recycling food scraps goes too far

I was the recipient of one of the new food scrap recycle boxes this week. I am to put food scraps, including meat and veggies, in this thing. I am supposed to dump it in the yard recycle bin which is picked up and emptied every other week.

Besides the obvious foul odors that will be coming out of the bin, is this not a health issue? I would think that 2-week-old meat, covered with blue fuzz and starting to liquefy, is dangerous. Talk about a toxic brew.

The garbage pickup guys usually do a good job, but frequently a

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PLASTIC BAGS: Don’t recycle bags, reuse them

The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin editorial you reprinted (TNT, 12-31) asks, “Has anyone tried educating the public (about plastic bag recycling)?” It suggests that recycling “would rise if the public was given a choice.”

Tacomans have been educated for years and clearly have that choice. Most Tacoma grocery stores recycle bags. Safeway’s bags say, “Reuse and Recycle. Help protect our environment. Please bring this bag to your local Safeway for recycling.” Bags enclosing the daily paper say “This Bag is Recyclable. Bring it Back. Your store recycles plastic bags.”

Tacoma’s excellent Solid Waste Management repeatedly urges recycling; the first plastic they

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RECYCLING: What shall we do with it?

Thanks for the good article about recycling. Now we need a follow-up article telling us what to actually do with the stuff that can’t go in our Murrey’s Disposal bins.

I know to put the glass in the big bins behind the fire station, but what can I do with all that food waste and “compostable paper”, since I don’t have a compost pile? I would especially like to find a way to recycle the plastic “clamshell” containers that so much food is packaged in nowdays.