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LINDQUIST: Is recall decision tainted by endorsements?

Re: “Lindquist opponents file recall petition” (TNT, 6-25).

In October 2014, Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist emailed many Pierce County voters with a list of his recommendations of candidates in judicial races. I objected strongly to Lindquist and informed him that I believed this to be unethical behavior.

He responded that it was not unethical and that he was providing a valuable service to voters. Now we learn that a Pierce County Superior Court judge must rule on petition to recall Lindquist.

In a 2014 letter to the editor (TNT, 10-20), I wrote: “I don’t believe justice can be impartial

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RECALL: Decision doesn’t help other campaigns

I read with interest your editorial, “The right of recall wins – too late to remove Washam” (TNT, 11-20), in reference to Judge Robert Bryan’s finding that the limit on contributions to a recall campaign violates the First Amendment.

I only wish that Bryan’s decision would have made the path much easier to “pry a loon out of office.” Unfortunately, he held the statute unconstitutional only as applied to the Washam case, writing that there was no need to find the statute unconstitutional on its face. Therefore, the decision is not binding on other recalls.

Bryan’s decision is illogical.

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RECALL: Donation limit restricts our rights

Re: “Right of recall shouldn’t be limited to the wealthy” (editorial, 6-10).

Your editorial is spot on. Under the current state statute and public disclosure interpretations, the successful recall of five Tacoma City Council members in September 1970 could not have happened.

The five were removed by the citizens by a landslide two-to-one vote. The recall committee of the time had to litigate with the city all the way to the state Supreme Court to get the recall measure on the ballot. Attorneys Ronald Thompson and the late Bradford Gierke donated hundreds of hours of their professional time to the

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RECALL: Why can’t petitions be online?

In reading the recent article about the Dale Washam recall, I was struck by the fact the state and county are still requiring paper petitions. It seems with so much now being done online that the signature process could be done online. It would also allow a faster verifictation of voter registration.

If this seems too much, too soon, the IRS is doing it for e-filing and refunds, so the method is out there, it just needs the powers that be to implement it.


RECALL: Why Lindquist needs to go

Being a public servant is not only a privilege, it is an honor that I personally do not take lightly. Never have I claimed nor practiced the art of smooth and silky talk that is devoid of truth or integrity. I do not care to participate in such endeavor.

As the top real estate appraiser for Pierce County, it is my sacred duty to ensure the assessments of all properties are uniformly and equitably administered. The injury inflicted to our system, with hundreds of thousands of falsified appraisals entered into the public records, will take at least four more years

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