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REAL ESTATE: Rentals will hurt property values

It was with great concern that I read Kathleen Cooper‘s very good article (TNT, 10-27) about giant investment funds’ influence on our local real estate.

The effects of large outside firms snapping up troubled, local properties to turn them into rentals can only prove to be destructive to our community. These firms will become disinterested, absentee landlords with a corporate imperative to charge as much rent as possible while spending as little as possible on repairs and refurbishment in order to maximize returns for shareholders who have zero stake in our community.

They will vacuum up millions of dollars

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TAXES: Values down but not our taxes

Re: “Local homes values plummet” (TNT, 6-19).

Tax values may be lower, but our property tax rate has increased 35.8 percent since the beginning of 2009. The net effect is that our taxes have not gone down with the decrease in assessment.

Examining the City of Tacoma’s general budget at the height of the bubble (2007-2008) compared to the 2011-2012 budget, the difference is approximately 1 percent.

We own several parcels on Pacific Avenue. To obtain tenants after the 2008 financial crisis, we had to reduce our rents by more than 50 percent from 2008 levels. Our tenants are

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REAL ESTATE: Market here is alive and thriving

As a longtime Realtor here in Pierce County (36 years), I was really shocked by the provocative article, “Home sales worst in decades” (TNT, 9-27).

Although mostly factually accurate, when buyers read that article it will totally scare them away from even trying to buy a home. Buyers tend to believe what the paper says, when in reality there is plenty of funding available. FHA loans are 3.5 percent down, and VA loans can be zero down. Additionally, there are many different down payment assistance programs to help those buyers who qualify. There’s also the USDA program that is

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HOUSING: Why not give the good news?

Within the last week, mortgage interest rates have dropped to the lowest point in U.S. history – 4.69 percent, according to the Washington Post. Home values are now what they were in 2003. This is fantastic news for anyone who has ever wanted to own a home, or sell and buy up, but for some strange reason this isn’t very newsworthy.

The public is fed a nonstop stream of bad news every day: the slumping economy (could be helped by more home sales), the Gulf oil spill, more war casualties. While this is all true, why can’t there be a

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