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ELECTION: Dunn’s best for attorney general

Washington Realtors have endorsed Reagan Dunn, and as a Realtor and citizen of Washington I wholeheartedly support this decision.

Dunn has a stellar résumé and an outstanding personal work ethic, and will best represent the interests of Washingtonians in Olympia. The News Tribune said it best: “Dunn has a broader legal background; he has served as a federal prosecutor and has extensive courtroom experience” (editorial, 10-12).

His opponent, Bob Ferguson, has half the résumé of Dunn. He has never prosecuted a case, has never been a lead attorney on a case and has no legal management experience. We would

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ELECTION: No such thing as ‘moderate Republican’

Re: “Dunn for attorney general” (editorial, 10-12).

Reagan Dunn is a “moderate Republican”? How naive can The News Tribune editorial board be?

I am sure the people in Ohio, Wisconsin, etc., believed they were electing “moderate” governors, attorney generals and legislators in 2010 and now wonder how they got extremists. Right-wingers have enacted legislation to take away women’s rights, voting rights and workers rights.

If elected, Dunn will have no choice but go along with the increasingly extremist state Republican Party. If he doesn’t, the right wing has shown in state after state – moderate Republican Sen. Richard Luger being

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