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GOP: Platform is a crime against the living

The 2012 Republican platform includes language regarding statutory rape: “We seek to protect young girls from exploitation through a parental consent requirement.” The policy is to ensure that underage girls cannot receive birth control, get prenatal care or end a pregnancy without the permission of a parent.

The reality is that the relationships in dysfunctional families provide little or no protection for abused children. These are horrible situations, and young persons cannot safely find counsel within the family if they are being abused within the home.

Conservative Republicans refuse to acknowledge the terrifying reality that women and girls get pregnant

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GOP: Some would deny abortion to rape victims

Re: “Akin’s rape comments stir outcry” (TNT, 8-20).

Rape is a political act, not just a sexual act.

As President Obama said, “Rape is rape.” Republicans who parse rape as “legitimate” or not, who minimize rape’s horror by imagining that no pregnancy ensues, who would criminalize abortion even in cases of rape, perpetuate the psychology of the imperial conquistador.

Throughout history, invaders have used rape not only to intimidate conquered populations, but also to de-legitimize ethnic minorities, denying their children a right to claim the land and its resources. This form of oppression is only possible because raped mothers

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