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ELECTIONS: Bill would nullify majority will

In her legislative update to voters, state Sen. Jan Angel, R-Port Orchard, supports SJR 8213 to amend the Washington Constitution to require a two-thirds majority vote of the Legislature to raise taxes. She argues that such received the support of state voters and therefore should be adopted.

Her argument is contrary to a bill she has co-sponsored, SR 6307, which would nullify the votes of all voters and local representative public bodies in all counties, cities and subdivisions thereof regarding efforts to provide minimum employment standards for businesses within the jurisdiction.

SeaTac voters would see their efforts to set a

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ELECTION: Lachney launches misleading political ad

I received a mailing from 2nd District candidate Bruce Lachney suggesting that state Sen. Randi Becker could pass a four-day school week law. Becker is a Republican. The Democrats’ control of our state government ensures that only Democratic-sponsored bills would even be considered.

This non-issue is aimed at Eatonville School District voters. Last year, as a result of budget reductions, a four-day school week, along with other options, was thoughtfully considered by the district, with parent and teacher input. The four-day school week was discarded as unfeasible and unsupported by parents of our district’s schoolchildren.

It appears that if you

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ELECTION: Randi Becker deserves to be re-elected

Our families, communities, and public schools have no greater advocate than state 2nd District Sen. Randi Becker. She has fought hard to ensure schools have the funding they need and school boards have local control.

When I was superintendent of the Eatonville School District, I worked side by side with Becker on many issues important to our schools and community.

Her opponent is using desperate last-minute emotional appeals, criticizing her for responding to the Eatonville school board’s request for legislation last year. The board’s four-day school week idea was defeated and rightly buried.

Bruce Lachney should be ashamed and embarrassed;

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ELECTION: A reason to vote for Becker

I would like to offer a personal reason to vote for Randi Becker for state senator in the 2nd District.

When my son was 6, we had very little insurance to cover his autism, developmental delays and neuromuscular disease. We paid more than we had for his medical bills, and he needed more than we could continue to provide for him.

During the 2008 election, I had a letter for each candidate explaining what we needed for him and asking for help. Each door knocker made huge promises to ensure us our family could get help. Becker listened genuinely to

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ELECTION: Becker deserves re-election in 2nd District

Instead of a split endorsement (editorial, 7-16), 2nd District state Sen. Randi Becker deserves The News Tribune’s full support. She proved her mettle when she defeated Marilyn Rasmussen, a fixture in Olympia for two decades, by a wide margin in her first election four years ago.

Becker has been an attentive and effective servant of her constituents for the past four years. She has proven her ability to work across party lines and get things done. Becker is not a politician by trade; she is a genuine person who truly cares about the future of our state and beloved

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