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FLAG: Real racism is beyond political correction

Taking down the flag of slavery was a no-brainer. But now what? Remain fixated on symbols and buzzwords or wrestle with institutionalized injustice?

Political correctness is actually a form of racism that provides us liberal elites with rhetorical distractions so we never have to confront deeper issues. We ban great novels by Mark Twain and Joseph Conrad because they contain the N-word, even though they brilliantly analyze the psychology of racism. We obsess over the precious distinction between a “hate crime” and “murder.” We censure each others’ honest dialogue. We punish anyone who doesn’t speak from the PC lexicon.


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LIBERALS: At least we don’t live in Wackobirdia

Re: “Liberals: How about an apology for failures?” (letter, 5-6).

This letter was beyond the pale; it’s openly racist. Every city the writer mentions as being run by liberals has a large black population except one: Tacoma, which of course is led by a liberal, part-black mayor.

Apologize? You mean, like conservatives who apologized for the Iraq war? Apologize? Like the writer should for this racist letter?

He should show us liberals how, since we don’t live in Wackobirdia, and our responses are muted by the complexities of the world.


RACISM: We must set a better example for world

Racism is alive and well and living in the USA. If you don’t believe that, consider these points:

• I believe that there has never been a Democratic president who has been hounded and berated so intensely by the opposition as presently. The white conservatives are out for blood from this first black man to be commander in chief, and this is not just over ideologies.

• Look at the recent wave of white-cop-on-unarmed-black-male attacks, often ending in death of the black male. To wit: Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Scott and even 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

Yes, we do have war

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RACE: Concept of race isn’t valid

I’ve heard enough about “race.” Race is a political tool, not a biological fact.

In Ferguson, Missouri, the court of political correctness convicts officer Darren Wilson of first-degree murder without a trial, because he is white. In Seattle, quarterback Russell Wilson is accused of “not being black enough,” because he is a success. Even the Ebola virus can’t avoid racial politics.

The right uses race to invalidate people of color, while the left discredits Caucasians with the doctrine of “white privilege.”

Yet on a molecular level, where life actually lives, race does not exist. Ask any biologist. We are one species. The

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RACE: Recognize racism is part of American fabric

A recent letter writer (TNT, Aug 19) claimed that “institutionalized racism is no longer present in America.” Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

Institutionalized racism has been part of the American fabric for 400 years. Despite the visible progress resulting from the civil rights movement, power and privilege in the U.S. remain firmly and disproportionately in white hands.

White power and privilege is so ingrained throughout our society that most white folks are blind to it. I was certainly blind to institutionalized racism, and it has taken study, listening and above all candid conversations with African-American, Native

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OBAMA: It isn’t racist to oppose president

Re: “Will future presidents be as disrespected as this one?” (letter, 4-28).

Overusing the word “racist” or “racism” pertaining to those who oppose President Obama is being done to inflict a negative connotation of guilt on the American people. It is the policies of this president and his administration, not the color of his skin, that the American people take issue with.

Why would the American people elect an African-American president for two terms if this country is so racist? Past presidents have been and future presidents will be disrespected no matter what color or gender they are because,

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OBAMA: Will future presidents be so disrespected?

Re: “If this isn’t racist treatment, then what exactly would be?” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 4-20).

If racism isn’t the culprit behind the disrespectful treatment of President Barack Obama, then shall we expect all future presidents to be treated just as disrespectfully should one chooses to do so?

That would be too bad, because to continue the ugly rhetoric toward future presidents would continue to encourage our allies and our enemies, as well as U.S. citizens to disrespect the highest office of the most powerful nation in the world.

What a travesty; what a tragedy. One would think that

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RACE: Olympics op-ed reflects anti-white racism

Re: “In protest of ‘Fabulous Display of Worldy Whiteness’”(TNT, 2-18).

This was a blatantly racist piece of journalism. Stephen A Crockett Jr. decries the lily whiteness of the Winter Olympics and vows not to watch. He paints a caricature of the athletes as spoiled white kids on vacation.

Crockett seems bitter about his own poor upbringing and appears to carry a chip on his shoulder about his youthful poverty and lack of opportunities enjoyed by the rich white kids.

Does Crockett think that only black folk can grow up poor? I am from a white family, and my parents worked

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