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ELECTION: Fire district serves more than Graham

Over the last 20 years, Pierce County Fire District 21 has become better known as Graham Fire & Rescue. The title has unintentionally confused voters in the fire district.

Graham Fire & Rescue serves people from many communities, including parts of Graham, Spanaway, Puyallup, Frederickson and Kapowsin and large neighborhoods including Gem Heights, Silver Creek, The Country, Grand Firs and Fir Meadows.

In August, a maintenance and operations levy failed by less than 1.5 percent. One reason given by voters: Graham Fire doesn’t serve me; I don’t live there.

The same measure will be on the ballot in November. The

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TACOMA: City’s negligence opens it to liability

You would think a dead-end road in Puyallup would be a quiet neighborhood. It usually is, but we have one horrible, noisy neighbor: the City of Tacoma’s McMillan reservoir.

The 20-acre wooded parcel has good parking and is very private. This is a draw to parties and illegal drug use and other crime. The City of Tacoma Water Department has done nothing to police this with signs, fences, etc., after years of illegal activity and crimes.

This last Friday night, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department at one point had six cars and K9 units trying to disperse hundreds of cars

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PUYALLUP: Sign sends message of hate

I saw a large billboard-type sign on the corner of Shaw Road and 38th Ave Southeast In Puyallup today. It said: ”Hope Obama and Patty Murray get EBOLA be 4 us – 606-3960.”

I was totally stunned. No matter what your politics, this was disrespectful, mean and ignorant. To those responsible, I say: If you truly want to change things, you will need to get out and work hard, give us some intelligent plans for the future of our country, teach our children to tolerate others and win us over because you have a better plan. You appear incapable of any

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NATURE: The bullfrogs of South Hill

Our local retention pond, excuse me – designated wetland area – was pretty inhospitable when we moved to South Hill. But it has prospered, first with water birds and tree frogs and now, eight years later, an amazing population of bullfrogs.

It is so cool to see the evolution of what looked like a puddle of suburban blight. Instead of a mosquito-breeding mess, it seems to be a healthy little ecosystem and these big bullfrog boys are gobbling up lots of nasty old bugs.

I love hearing the tree frogs in spring and walking down to see and hear the

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PUYALLUP: Mayor doesn’t realize he isn’t funny

Hats off to those Puyallup City Council members who stood up in public and made Mayor John Knutsen take responsibility for derogatory comments made to a city employee (TNT, 7-17).

As usual, Knutsen shrugged it off as just a joke, or an attempt at humor like that once used by Jerry Seinfeld. What is the difference between Mayor Knutsen and Jerry Seinfeld? Seinfeld is funny. Oh, and it was television, not real life. Wake up, mayor. The reruns are over.

Having sat through many Tuesday nights on the dais listening to then Councilman Knutsen try his best at being

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PUYALLUP: Can part of Van Lierop farm be set aside?

The 2014 Daffodil Parade is now history and, unfortunately, so is the Van Lierop Bulb Farm in Puyallup. Locals were actually able to buy some of the last tulips left in the fields this spring.

Neil Van Lierop certainly deserves retirement after a lifetime tending the much-loved daffodils. The future of his property possibly in warehouses is not deserved.

Many communities have set aside historic farms as part of their heritage and as an educational opportunity for all. In Seattle, the Marra Farm was set aside to do just this.

The Marra family, Italian truck farmers, worked this land from

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DRIVING: Be more conscious of our actions

I was saddened to read an article about a pedestrian’s death in a Puyallup crosswalk. The driver was influenced by medications and was not in a fit state to drive.

I am a student recently grown out of my teenage yeas and remember hearing in driver’s education that nearly a third of all teenage deaths are attributable to auto accidents. Most of us, myself included, fail to consider the potentially horrific consequences of our driving and how it affects those around us.

The unfortunate occurrence in Puyallup should act to remind us that we need to be conscious of

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PUYALLUP: Taxpayers are on the hook for Vermillion

Arrogance and bad behavior are costing Puyallup taxpayers their hard-earned cash. Taxpayers will be paying for a private attorney to defend a city councilman in a lawsuit as a consequence of his refusal to hand over public records (emails) regarding city business.

At-Large Councilman Steve Vermillion’s refusal to comply with state law to hand over 52 emails has landed the city in Superior Court. Washington’s open public records law is not simply a “suggestion.”

Last August, Vermillion taunted the public during a council meeting, stating that if they wanted his emails, they would have to sue him. The cost and

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