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PUYALLUP: Support our future

I urge our community to support the Puyallup School District’s bond with our votes on February 12. Our schools need ongoing funding in order to build equitable learning opportunities for all students.

We expect our schools to inspire, educate, motivate, and prepare each student to both serve and compete in an increasingly global community, but we have let nine years pass since we last agreed to pay for the improvements in buildings and technology to support the effort.

Puyallup is full of people with integrity. Individuals I have the pleasure of meeting daily in our community support what they say

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PUYALLUP: School district needs change agents

Regarding The News Tribune’s endorsements for the Puyallup School Board (10-12): While your choices are all committed public servants, none of them should be elected.

Anyone who has watched the Puyallup School District operate under its current superintendent knows the reasons. The school board simply rubber-stamps the dictates of its leader while leaving the community voiceless. From closing schools to reconfiguration, to firing a popular principal and now to standards-based secondary grading, board members march blindly “forward,” armed only with the biased information provided by the superintendent and his administrative staff.

Board members refuse to listen; because of that,

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PUYALLUP: Administrators are the ones in need of evaluation

Re: “Co-op school under scope” (TNT, 2-4).

Deputy Superintendent Debra Aungst and the Puyallup School District administrators plan to shut down the Puyallup Family Co-op, which has operated for 14 years. They say it is to evaluate the co-op’s compliance with rules. That seems like such a dumb idea that I’m dumbfounded it’s being considered.

I suggest Aungst, and any other district administrators who feel as she does, be required to take a one-year leave of absence without pay while the citizens of the school district evaluate their competence to hold those positions.


PUYALLUP SCHOOLS: Changes will hurt community

Does the Puyallup School Board really know best?

Tony Apostle, Superintendent, has taken it upon himself (cleverly disguised in the form of a committee) that a reconfiguration is in order for Puyallup schools.

He has proposed taking ninth-graders from junior highs and cramming them into high schools to the tune of 2,500 students to occupy a building with a 1,250 capacity. Is this supposed to be a better high school experience?

He says it will give them more options. Make no mistake, there will be no options with that many kids, other than an extended day of school. Yes, night

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PUYALLUP SCHOOLS: Give kids time to learn and be safe

The Puyallup School District seems to be strongly leaning toward a reconfiguration that would send ninth-graders to high school campuses and sixth-graders to middle schools. While there may be some sound academic arguments to be made for such a plan, one obvious downside would that because of classroom space considerations, the current starting and ending times would have to be extended from the 7:30-2:30 day.

I taught ninth-graders for a number of years, and they are almost a breed apart: too old for junior high but too young for high school. I don’t think it would be harmful to send

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