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PUYALLUP: Sports given too much emphasis

Re: “Puyallup 9th-graders ready for prep sports” (TNT, 4-8).

On a recent episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” a university student was unable to pronounce the word “Achilles,” even when all the letters had appeared. But not recognizing the final word, the student pronounced “Achilles” as if it were something similar to a hot pepper, pronouncing it as, ‘”A-chill-ese.”

Indicative of how good an education even those who have reached university are receiving, I had to ask just how important education really is for all our Puyallup students, given the Puyallup School Board and the upper administration’s latest appropriation and

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PUYALLUP: Learning should come before athletics

Is no one else outraged by the unbalanced new move to focus farther from the heart of education in Puyallup?

On Monday, the Puyallup School Board voted to enact the mandate from their superintendent to, in reality, siphon more money out of education and into student athletics, to the tune of at least $200,000 in this inaugural year of change.

My first question is: how is this reflective of being good stewards of our expensive tax dollars? And, the bottom line question that has never been addressed in this mandated process is: how does this massive maneuver increase student learning?

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PUYALLUP: School district’s sports decision is correct

Re: “Puyallup Schools will explain new sports configuration in upcoming forums” (TNT, 2-28).

The article is missing a couple of key points. Of the 24 sports offered to Puyallup ninth-graders now, 15 are already at the high school level. This current decision only affects the remaining nine. Of those, only two are what we term as “cut” sports. So, to argue that participation will be affected by moving all ninth-grade athletics to the high school level simply isn’t true as we are talking about two sports.

Furthermore, the way the Puyallup system is structured now with 15 of the 24

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FESTIVAL: Adult error created Daffodil snafu

A News Tribune article (2-7) told readers of an “error in judging” that led to two students being crowned as daffodil princesses at Emerald Ridge High School. Puyallup School District officials attribute “an adult mistake” as the reason for this.

Unfortunately, for my daughter, this was not the case 11 years ago when an “adult mistake” at Lincoln High School in Tacoma cost her the princess crown. Before she decided to run, my daughter went to a school representative of the parade and was told that her GPA of 3.1 was adequate. But after she had been crowned, after

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SCHOOLS: Support Puyallup and Franklin Pierce levies

A quality educational environment is an essential pillar of a community’s character and quality of life. Therefore, community support for its schools is critical.

The Summit-Waller Community Association Board of Directors, on behalf of our community membership, encourages all voters to approve both levy propositions before the voters in the Puyallup and Franklin Pierce school districts.

We have done our research to understand the need and the rationale behind the levy requests,visited schools and invited school officials to our board meetings. Both school districts have proven the need, demonstrated good stewardship of taxpayer money and embraced new technology methods of

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PUYALLUP: Passing levies is a wise investment

A “yes” vote on Feb. 11 in support of Puyallup schools not only would  make a difference for the district, but also for our community.

Proposition 1 is a replacement levy to maintain and enhance current safety, security, health and extracurricular activities throughout the district. Providing a secure and engaging learning environment is essential to student learning and decreases costs for social services.

Proposition 2 ensures students have the learning tools and environments necessary to succeed in a vocation, training or higher education.

The enrollment of our district has changed, as has the nature of our students. Voting for this

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PUYALLUP: Vote no on Proposition 2

The Puyallup School District has put Proposition 2 on the ballot that would extend beyond maintenance and operations needs of Proposition 1 and be financed through local property tax rates.

These funds come at a higher cost to the taxpayers than the normal bond financing and place a secondary levy for an additional two years beyond the M&O levy.

Why not do some real budgeting until the Legislature enacts EJHR 4204? I urge a no vote on Prop. 2, as it would extend to 2020 if passed.


PUYALLUP: No ‘end run’ with Proposition 2

I am very encouraged by the overwhelming support by both citizens and the news media for Puyallup School District’s Proposition 1. The only opposition I am aware of is from a man who has written at least six opposition statements against six different districts; he doesn’t live in any of them.

On the other hand, I agree with others that Proposition 2 requires more consideration. Perhaps knowing that there is a fundamental difference between a “levy” and a “bond” will clarify some issues and quell one letter writer’s accusation that the district “is attempting an end run on constitutional law”

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