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BRIDGE: Save the Milroy Bridge

I read with interest the problems facing the Milroy Bridge over the Puyallup River (TNT, 12-16). I have a suggestion. Instead of replacing the old bridge, build the new bridge connecting Frank Albert Road over the Puyallup River and connecting to River Road.

Several years ago, a new overpass was built over the railroad tracks in Fife so 54th Avenue could be closed because of a new school being built just north of the railroad tracks. That’s another story. Don’t we have schools near busy streets. Was closing 54th Avenue necessary?

With a new bridge over the Puyallup River

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PUYALLUP: Trucks make Milroy Bridge scary

Re: The Milroy Bridge over the Puyallup River.

How does a bridge built in 1931 get approved for use for school buses full of children, double-trailer cement and dirt trucks, long-trailer semis and up to three garbage trucks at a time? Is there no weight limit? And if so, why isn’t it posted?

Last week I sat on that bridge for three lights because a long-trailer semi tried to turn onto the bridge from lanes heading west. The driver held up traffic in all directions for three lights as he backed up, tried a second time, backed up (all in

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FLOODING: Fish protected before people

Re: “New hatchery would be flood-free” (TNT 5-13).

The plan to relocate the Voights Creek Fish Hatchery begs many questions.

The fact that the hatchery has been flooded several times in the past 10 years is directly related to the lack of dike maintenance on the Carbon and Puyallup rivers. The last time these rivers were dredged between Orting and McMillan was summer of 1993. Since then, the gravel and debris washing down from Mount Rainier have built up gravel dams throughout the river bottom.

Ignoring that the river bottom is now much higher than prior to 1993 results in

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