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BUSES: Pierce Transit dropped the ball

This year, Pierce Transit is not transporting people to the Puyallup Fair. Instead, they have contracted with a private company. The problem is that these private buses aren’t wheelchair accessible. In lieu of this, they tell the disabled to use Pierce Transit SHUTTLE. But it takes three weeks to register with SHUTTLE and in those three weeks the Fair will be over. I’m a paraplegic and am not currently registered with Shuttle because its a thousand times easier to take the bus, so what am I to do?

And why didn’t anybody except me think about this beforehand? Why didn’t

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TRANSIT: Bus service crucial to Puyallup Fair

The Puyallup Fair & Events Center endorses Proposition 1, the “Save Our Buses” measure on the Feb. 8 ballot in Pierce County.

Bus service is crucial to not only the Puyallup Fair and Spring Fair, but many other activities and events held at the Puyallup Fair & Events Center.

Cuts in service of 35 percent will eliminate Pierce Transit’s Fair Express buses to the Puyallup Fair. The buses transport riders from six convenient locations in Pierce County to the Puyallup Fair & Events Center during the 17-day Puyallup Fair. More than 100,000 people from Pierce and King Counties who attended

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FAIR: Alcohol, cost are bigger problems than smoking

Re: “Smoking may dampen fair attendance” (letter, 10-1).

Give me a break! The biggest problem is the cost. A family of four will spend about $50 just to park and get in the gate. With a hamburger and drinks for four, you are almost up to $100. A few rides and maybe a treat on the way out is another $100.

I found maybe three or four smoking sections in the entire fairgrounds, compared to five drinking establishments that were many times bigger to accommodate all the drinkers. So parents could drop the kids off at the rides and then

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PUYALLUP FAIR: Smoking may dampen attendance

I read the article about attendance being down at the Puyallup Fair (TNT, 9-28). No one mentioned secondhand smoke as a potential reason.

I stopped attending the Puyallup Fair many years ago because of the constant exposure to secondhand smoke. I had been coming to the Puyallup Fair since I was a child and have many fond memories. As an adult, I noticed more and more secondhand smoke as I walked around the fairgrounds.

Here’s the reality: The “smoking sections” at the fair are just as effective as “peeing sections” in a swimming pool. Everybody has contact with it. I

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FAIR: Lame excuses for burgers

It’s a statewide shame. Burgers at the Puyallup Fair don’t deserve to be named in the same species with even the cheapest 99-cent fast food burger.

For $11 you’d think they could put 10 cents worth of lettuce, tomato and pickle on that bare-bones, lame excuse for a burger. If they were anywhere but in the fair, with that captive audience, they’d be out of business within a week.


FAIR: Event has become overly sanitized

The fair is gone.

I miss walking around the fair on grass with hay strewn here and there. I miss the old wooden buildings and the aroma coming from the cow barns. And what’s this about washing your hands right after you pet the sheep? We used to pet the animals and then go eat a burger!

Most of all I miss the reasonable prices we used to have.

Slowly through the years they’ve black-topped everything, put up new buildings, made it antiseptically clean and turned it into an elitist event.

I miss my fair.


PUYALLUP FAIR: About those food prices . . .

Well, you can do it at a trot, you can do it at a gallop, but whatever way you do it, watch your wallet – at the Puyallup. Especially when buying fair food.

News Tribune writer Sue Kidd and photographer David “iron-stomach” Montesino teamed up to produce two outstanding articles on Puyallup Fair food. I thank them for their fine work.

However the fair prices and counts given for some items differ sometimes from what customers actually pay and get there. Like the bacon-wrapped jalapeno popper at the Totally Fried booth Kidd wrote about being $5.50 for three. With tax

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PUYALLUP FAIR: Is religion now a part of the fair?

Just attended the Puyullup Fair yesterday and am very confused. As I entered the fair grounds perusing all the food and activity booths, nestled in one area was a booth entitled “Islam Information.”

I have never seen other religious entities represented at the fair. Can someone tell me why?