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FAIR: Cost prohibitive for many families

Re: “Fair attendance? Officials won’t say, but vendors disappointed” (TNT, 9-24).

I have attended the fair for many years and so have my children, grandchildren and many of my friends. But due to the outrageous rise in costs for everything at the fair, the average person can’t afford to go anymore, especially if they have children.

It’s no wonder the game, food and ride booths say their sales and attendance are falling. This year I heard so many people complaining about the prices of everything and that this would be their last fair.

I have to agree with them.

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PUYALLUP: Not ‘Fair’ to disabled veteran’s family

We are living in an era of young military being permanently disabled. I was pleased to see that the Puyallup Spring Fair Military Appreciation Day included disabled veterans. Excited, I checked the fair’s website to ensure that dependents were also included in the promotion and, in fact, it was emphasized.

My spouse arranged for the day off, I excused my children from school, and we traveled 70 miles to “Do the Puyallup.”

When we arrived at the gate, my family was refused entrance to the fair without first purchasing a ticket. I was positive that this was simply a miscommunication

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FAIR: Boys should have been kicked out

Re: “Law and order at the Puyallup Fair” (TNT, 9-22).

I was quite concerned with the manner in which Fircrest Police Chief John Cheesman dealt with the three 14-year-old boys”who were “acting up” on the Sky Ride. The article failed to mention that the boys were rocking the Sky Ride car as it crossed the fair. In accordance with safety regulations, the ride has to be stopped each time a car is rocking. In this case, the ride was stopped numerous times because the boys would not quit rocking the car.

The Sky Ride manager asked that the boys

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FAIR: Name change shows a lot of gall

Re: “‘Do the Puyallup’ won’t change” (TNT, 9-20).

I could not believe the gall of the Western Washington Fair Association in changing the name of the Puyallup Fair to the Washington State Fair. Since when did Puyallup become Washington State?

Being from Yakima/Central Washington, I am a bit irritated with the thought that everything in this state revolves around Western Washington. There are several fairs throughout the state, and they are all named according to where they are located. Considering the “fan base” for the Puyallup fair is mostly Pierce County, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call it

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PUYALLUP FAIR: Cadavers’ origins challenged

The Puyallup Fair is hosting an exhibit called “The Body: The Universe Within.” presented by Universe Within Touring Co. The exhibit has 200 cadavers from China on display. The bodies aren’t from criminals and were ethically collected, stated company manager Jim Merila (TNT, 8-31). They are preserved by a process called plastination invented by German Gunther von Hagens.

Today, Chinese prisons, detention centers and forced labor camps are overflowing with the arrested cultivators of the spiritual practice Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa). This Buddha School discipline became outlawed by the Chinese communist government under the leadership of Jiang

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FAIR: Bad decision to display cadavers

Re: “Cadaver exhibit coming to Puyallup Fair” (TNT, 8-10).

I usually attend the fair every year so I can see the products turned out by local talent, enjoy the corniness of the “Gentleman Juggler” and even get to attend some big-name talent. I was particularly excited to see that Jackie Evancho was going to be here this year, along with other entertainers I enjoy listening to.

Unfortunately, due to the decision to include 200 Chinese corpses as an “educational display” I will be staying home this year. Thanks for helping me make that decision.


FAIR: Indulge, but get your exercise

Re: “First fair, then world: Coke’s domination plan is the real thing” (The Nose, 9-9).

As a nutrition consultant, I understand that going to the fair is a calorie madhouse. But the fair should be a fun time for everyone, even if you’re trying to manage your weight.

Yes, there are many high-calorie foods and beverages that people can buy at the fair, but people shouldn’t worry. In order to deal with the calorie blunder of delicious foods, I tell myself and my patients to allow ourselves a treat.

Moderation is the key when confronted with many food and

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BUSES: Regular routes can serve the disabled

I was concerned with the letter (TNT, 9-9) from the reader who felt Pierce Transit dropped the ball regarding Puyallup Fair rides. I then went to the agency’s website and found many routes throughout the day which can take disabled passengers to the fair on their regular routes.

While there are no direct fair rides, the reader can still get to and from the fair throughout the day. He can go online and schedule his trip by using the trip planner.

Given the cutbacks incurred due to the difficult economy and lack of sales tax increases, it appears

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