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PUYALLUP: Homeowners need to act on zoning

The News Tribune’s Oct. 27 article on local real estate purchases by large investment funds and the Nov. 5 editorial on the same topic raised some concerns on the part of this reader about recent developments in Puyallup.

At its Oct. 15 meeting, the Puyallup City Council voted unanimously at first reading for amendments to the city’s zoning code that would apply to all single-family residential areas, including:

• An amendment to allow detached “accessory dwelling units” of up to 900 square feet.

• An amendment to allow the creation of “bed & breakfast” establishments without a conditional

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PUYALLUP: City Council meeting soured by email debate

I was excited to watch my Puyallup City Council discuss the recommendations of the homelessness task force that I participated on and some comments about the National Night Out Parties that took place in our city. While both were addressed, the meeting tone was soured by a debate over whether an email was privileged and should have been shared, and whether laws were broken when it was shared.

I don’t claim to know anything about these emails, except that this seemed to be the wrong forum to address the issue. I respect every one of my council members; they do

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PUYALLUP: Social pals base decisions on real-life experiences

Re: “Social pals swear off Puyallup city business” (TNT, 1-24).

All too often, it seems our public officials meet a standard pedigree of liberal arts degrees followed by either becoming “career students” or entering non-profit career fields.

I have never met John Knutsen, Steve Vermillion or John Hopkins. But the thought of having a “crusty old cop,” a decorated Vietnam pilot, and a man with a background in business with a degree in physics and math motivates the heck out of me!

Furthermore, the thought of them sitting in an old bowling alley discussing whatever they may feel is

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PUYALLUP: All-male council a step backward

Last week, Nicole Martineau lost her election for a slot on the Puyallup City Council. For the first time since 1962, Puyallup is set to have no women on its council, which now stands to become a cabal of seven (slightly older) men. This step back in time to the age of June Cleaver and the “feminine mystique” saddens me.

But, my feelings aside, the real loser in this recent race is Puyallup, which has for a time lost its female voice. Both genders have something to offer our civic conversation. For now, only one side of that conversation will

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PUYALLUP: Local police, fire not supporting Martineau

The Puyallup Police Association (PPA) has fielded questions about Nicole Martineau’s recently published assertion that she is supported by active and retired police and firefighters. To clarify, the endorsements of both the PPA and the Local IAFF No. 726 Firefighters went in support of her opponent, Steve Vermillion. The vote at the PPA endorsement meeting was unanimous.  Martineau has made no secret of her family ties to law enforcement, but Puyallup’s law enforcement officers endorsed her opponent for a number of reasons which we have outlined at www.PuyallupCops.org.

(Micah Wilson is vice president of the Puyallup Police Association)


PUYALLUP: Martineau has run a positive campaign

Re: “Vermillion’s the best choice” (letter, 10-25).

The writer references the fact that Councilmember “Martineau voted to pass the first reading of a comp. plan…”

There were six council members present and voting, and five of them voted to pass the first reading. One council member voted against it and that was John Knutsen, the letter writer. It appears that this letter was submitted only so Knutsen could lobby for Councilmember Martineau’s opponent.

Vermillion and his supporters have a way of putting a target on the back of Councilmember Martineau, and their twisting of the facts leaves much to

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PUYALLUP: Martineau will provide balance

Nicole Marineau is the best choice for the member at-large position on the Puyallup City Council. She is bright, perceptive, compassionate, articulate and thoughtful. The current slate of candidates lack the diversity that the city of Puyallup expects. Martineau will provide balance.

As a mother with an infant, she brings the sensibilites of young families to the council, in real time. Safe parks, timely city maintenance, judicious use of our tax dollars are all issues she has championed. With an eye to the future, Martineau also encourages time-honored traditions.

The unrelenting barrage of character attacks launched at Martineau in the

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PUYALLUP: Stokes a real citizen-representative

If you follow the Puyallup City Council race, you will notice the absence of Charley Stokes from the battles and discord. There is a reason Stokes is “below-the-radar.” It is because he is like you and me, a citizen outside the political circle.

It would be nice to see someone on the council like you and me. Who is better to represent us? Stokes is well versed on city issues. He is a retiree who has time to represent his constituents, and is easy for anybody to talk to.

In contrast, his opponent is a full time Federal employee who has

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