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PUYALLUP: Julie Door is the better candidate

Please join me in supporting Julie Door for Puyallup City Council District 3.

While I have only known Door for a few months, I have been impressed with her approachability, outgoing personality, willingness to listen and sincere interest in improving our community at all levels.

She has a strong interest in our parks and recreation programs and is an advocate for
a more comprehensive transportation system, including alternative transportation and safe routes to schools.

Especially important is that as a small business owner, Door is familiar with the issues these businesses face and will work on their behalf. Lastly,

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PUYALLUP: Julie Door cares about seniors

It was not all that long ago when Julie Door, Puyallup City Council candidate for District 3, came to visit with a group of senior citizens here at Shag Housing.

I was not only impressed with her willingness to listen to our concerns, but also with her ability to get things done.

We expressed concern over a streetlight not working near one of our driveway entrances and a nearby sidewalk in need of repair that was causing problems for both pedestrians and bike riders.

Needless to say, within a week, both the street light and sidewalk had been taken care

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PUYALLUP: Ethics take another hit

Re: “Commuter rail parking lot nears end of the line” (TNT, 6-9).

The Puyallup City Council declared war on Sound Transit’s Sounder commuters by evicting them from the vacant downtown Cornforth Campbell lot, effective Oct. 1.  Puyallup clearly does not need the revenue it receives nor deems it as a public service to support regional mass transit. The city balance sheets must therefore be healthy.

The eviction issue has been led by Councilman Rick Hansen throughout the process. The merits of the argument are debatable, but ethic –  specifically the conflict of interest law – must be maintained. Hansen owns

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PUYALLUP: City Council fearful of citizenry

The elitists running Puyallup must think its citizens are as gullible as the City Council is arrogant. The council apparently thinks so little of those who elect them as to suggest that voter-instigated initiatives would only lead to confusion and would fail to take into account the big picture, as one member put it.

However, there was very little confusion evident in Mukilteo this past election day when citizens used their powers of initiative to prevent the use of cameras for traffic enforcement.

As a Lakewood resident who has witnessed the value of the initiative process locally, I find the

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