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SALMON: New taxes won’t get results

Re: “We aren’t doing enough to protect, restore state’s salmon runs” (Viewpoint, 1-15).

David Troutt writes that “Now is the time to explore creative options and start doing what we need to do to restore our salmon and heal Puget Sound.”

Unfortunately, his opinion on how to do this is by coming up with new and inventive taxes. This solution has been tried time and again with very few results for the salmon but good results for those who wish to manage these new-found funds.


SAILING: Help find Adventuress’ stolen wheel

On Sunday morning, Oct. 7, we learned that the steering wheel from our beloved ship, the historic schooner Adventuress, had been stolen overnight while she lay at the public dock in Olympia.

This thoughtless and destructive act has affected all of us who cherish Adventuress. It runs counter to the inspiration she brings to our lives and the lives of children who sail on her decks.

Many of you have asked how you can help. We welcome, honor and thank you for your support and generosity. During challenging times expressions of such care from our community bring comfort and make

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WILDERNESS: Vision too often is lacking

Re: “Preserving wilderness areas vital to maintaining the health of Puget Sound” (Viewpoint, 9-26).

I was mildly surprised by the article in support of preserving wilderness areas. The surprise was seeing some of our leaders promoting a long-term vision.

So much of what we do in Washington and Olympia these days are things our grandchildren will scratch their heads and wonder – what were those guys thinking? Here we have something where our grandchildren – and their grandchildren – will say, “Nice work, folks.”


PUGET SOUND: Shellfish farms create waste, too

Re: “Efforts to clean up Puget Sound get a new push” (TNT, 8-29).

I read this article with great interest. Correcting poor septic systems and farm runoff is necessary. The campaign to clean up dog waste is noble. Waste from 1.2 million dogs is a huge addition to the millions of wild animals that make Puget Sound home.

Gov. Chris Gregoire’s comment that she does not want to “flush” 4,000 acres of prime shellfish growing area down the drain is hopeful until you look at the photo accompanying the article. It reveals the massive concentration of shellfish in farms

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OIL: Environmental regulation protects economy

It is no accident Puget Sound has not experienced an ecological catastrophe as has occurred in the Gulf. It is no accident because Washington governors since the late ’60s, including Chris Gregoire, have supported programs that keep Washington ecologically sound. In comparison, other state governors have preached that government is the enemy, and environmental regulatory agencies in particular are the enemies of business and progress. One, the foolish governor of Louisiana, no longer has a state economy

Puget Sound is not pristine; the sound and other water and land areas of Washington have ecological problems. Fortunately, Washington has laws, dedicated

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POLLUTION: Stop oil getting in the bay

The article (TNT, 5-2) regarding stormwater run off was very enlightening. It showed that we have not been working hard to protect our great Puget Sound.

The research of new ways and products by the Washington State University Extension Service will take protection of the waterways to a new level. Right now the two military ships parked along Ruston Way are seeking permission to add 60 overwater parking spots. All the oil and contaminates will be washed into the bay.

Should they be denied this variance or will we wait and have to pay to clean it up

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PUGET SOUND: Greener way to rid roof of moss

Re: “Saving the Sound from water” (TNT, 5-2).

Thank you for the article regarding our polluted Puget Sound.

Suggestion: Avoid using roof moss-removing products full of harmful chemicals by using baking soda. It really works!