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NORM DICKS: Editorial gives congressman a pass

I take exception to The News Tribune puff piece on Rep. Norm Dicks (editorial, 2-12). You refused to report the facts in your editorial to curry favor with the 35-year incumbent.

K&L Gates law firm, Dicks’ fourth-largest political contributor, was represented on the Puget Sound Partnership Board, which hired David Dicks as executive director. David Dicks then falsified the urgency of a service contract so as to bypass the work being done by the attorney general’s office.

David Dicks priced the contract at $19,999 so as to bypass the mandatory public bidding process. When it was obvious that would

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PUGET SOUND: Where is the taxpayer’s protection?

Re: “Agency committed to Sound cleanup, earning public trust” (Viewpoint, 8-25).

Martha Kongsgaard’s Viewpoint about the Puget Sound Partnership is way off. The “measures” she cites to fix the inappropriate use of funds at the partnership are like putting a Band-Aid over a cut artery.

The real problem started when David Dicks was chosen to run a newly create environmental bureaucracy with dozens of staffers and tens of millions of dollars at its disposal to spend willy nilly on “green” projects. Dicks had no previous administrative skills, and he even admits that in the press.

I just can’t believe that

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PUGET SOUND: Are taxpayers being fleeced?

I am disgusted with what I read in the TNT’s editorial, “Puget Sound Partnership isn’t winning public trust” (8-22).

What I found when I searched the names mentioned in the NPR article on the Internet left me feeling like the public has been robbed. I advise people to search on the Internet to learn the facts.

I found a thread that started with Norm Dicks funding the Puget Sound Partnership (PSP), which is run by his son David. Then I learned that the PSP awarded two of Norm Dicks’ former staffers, current lobbyist Tom Luce and Steve McBee, thousands of

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