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BURN BAN: Tacoma mostly meets air standards

I fully agree with your editorial on wood smoke (TNT, 12-18). If you review the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency emissions data on wood smoke, you will see that all of Tacoma meets the new “small particle” emission standards except for one small area around Fern Hill.

The CAA researched this problem for over a year and came to the conclusion that the residents in this low-income area could only afford to burn wood to heat their homes. No other area in Tacoma exceeded the new threshold, but the Fern Hill residents denied they were the problem.

The air

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BURN BAN: Crackdown a waste of taxpayer money

Re: “Tighter enforcement of burn bans possible” (TNT, 12-10).

The “wood stove police” are going to spend tax money to ferret out those dastardly wood burners.

While critical services such as police and fire protection are being reduced, the clueless bureaucrats at the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency are proposing to increase enforcement officers from 12 to 75! They want to use infrared cameras for nighttime surveillance and clobber with stiff fines and fees the people trying to stay warm. All this for a problem that exists for “10 or so days every winter.”

One more example of government run

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TACOMA: Where’s protection for residents, environment?

The oily airborne events of this past Friday from the Maritime Administration ships isn’t their first, nor will it be their last if left unchecked.

I have seen and smelled exhaust coming from their stacks into my windows and later have seen the same exhaust trapped in the Garfield Park, tennis club and Annie Wright School area. I have seen exhaust plumes wafting at tree level into Old Town and toward Stadium High School.

I have seen scraping and sand-blasting without tenting to prevent paint particles from entering the air or bay that a private boat owner couldn’t dare get

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