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SCHOOLS: Grade inflation isn’t helping students

Whereas the Washington Supreme Court has somehow arrived at a figure of billions of dollars that need to be spent to make the state’s K-12 public schools adequate to educate our children, and the public has determined through Initiative 1351 that still more billions are needed, it is in fact possible to improve our public K-12 system substantially at a relatively low cost.

The key to doing this is to bring a halt to “grade inflation” - giving students higher grades than they earn.

A 1991 Newsweek article argued that students should be given failing grades whenever they do not warrant passing grades

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ELECTION: Zeiger misleads on education support

I was shocked to receive a mailing from 25th District Rep. Hans Zeiger claiming that he “stands for teachers” and “is an advocate for teachers.”

This is shocking since he wrote, in a 2003 Seattle Times op-ed, “Having been a part of both the home-school movement and the public-school morass, I would now go so far as to recommend that parents not place their children in a public school at all.”

Being a public school educator for 24 years, I find Zeiger’s statements regarding public school disgusting and disrespectful to the majority of us who went to public schools, sent

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EDUCATION: Spending more isn’t the answer

Over the last half-century, the American people have been performing an experiment to see if perhaps throwing money at education would improve test scores. As has long since been obvious, the experiment has failed.

Since 1961, real spending per pupil has increased by almost fourfold, with no evidence of real improvement. In fact, the 1950s and ’60s now seem like the good old days in terms of student achievement.

In Washington we are faced with a court order to “amply fund” public schools – as if $10,441 per student per year isn’t enough. Remember, insanity is doing the same thing

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EDUCATION: Lawmakers must remember the kids

Legislators are headed back to Olympia this week to somehow solve this budget mess. I hope that they remember the kids.

Remember the kids when they are proposing budgets that will eliminate crucial programs that are necessary for student success and increasing student achievement.

Remember the kids when they are proposing budget cuts that will lay off great teachers and dramatically increase class sizes.

Remember the kids when they propose even more unfunded mandates with less support and even higher class sizes because those budgets have already been cut.

It is the paramount duty of the state of Washington to

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TEACHERS: Base pay on performance

All of the discussion of teacher and principal pay during the recent Tacoma teachers’ strike and since has missed a critical point: Pay should reflect performance.

Americans pay more per student than any other country to have our children educated, yet we are not getting nearly what we pay for. Using baseball as an analogy, we are equivalent to the Yankees in paying our “players,” yet we are akin to the Cubs or Mariners in resulting performance.

We are not only failing our children, but we are failing America, since our nation has been experiencing severe shortages of graduates in

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EDUCATION: Article wrong on teacher pay

Re: “Public schools are amply funded” (Viewpoint, 7-16).

This article was inaccurate and alarming. As a public school teacher within the Tacoma School District I NEVER brought home an annual income of $82,000. My annual income before taxes, health care, union dues, Social Security, Medicare, etc., were taken out of my paycheck was $38,000.

If you look at the teacher’s salary scale, you will find that teachers with only a bachelor’s degree, after 13 years of teaching, makes only $63,000 before taxes and all of the other costs get taken out of their paycheck.

Maybe the author, Paul Guppy, needs

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