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ELECTION: Public safety a priority for Darneille

As a former Seattle police officer, and the former chair of the House Criminal Justice Committee, I write to personally speak to state Rep. Jeannie Darneille’s commitment to public safety. She is serious about creating effective criminal justice policy.

I viewed this firsthand when I chose her to serve as my vice-chair on the Criminal Justice & Correction Committee. Together, we worked on hundreds of proposed bills. We spent countless hours, over a period of four years, studying policy proposals and reviewing research and case studies from all over the nation.

Darneille is committed to keeping neighborhoods all over Washington

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TACOMA: Layoffs will endanger public safety

Where is the uproar and public outrage against the possible fire station closures and impending layoffs affecting almost 100 Tacoma firefighters and police officers?

If the city’s goals are to delay response and transport times when your family members are injured or critically ill; to allow homes to burn down due to closure of fire stations, requiring engine companies to come from across the city; to wait in fear as minutes tick by as you observe or, worse yet, are a victim of a violent crime, then this goal will undoubtedly be attained by the personnel layoffs.

Tacoma firefighters and

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