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PAID LEAVE: Abuse is rampant

We have all heard about government employees drawing full pay while on administrative leave after it was determined that they were no longer capable of performing their prescribed duties – in some cases for a year or more. And while such leave might be justified in a small number of cases, the system is often abused, thanks in large part to the power of public employee unions. Two cases are glaring examples.

Lois Lerner, who was is in charge of the Internal Revenue Service, is now on paid administrative leave to the tune of a $170,000 yearly salary. She refused

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UNIONS: Miller’s anti-union bias is showing

I spent 30 years as a union representative negotiating in both the private and public sectors. I found Ken Miller’s article displayed a lack of experience with public workers, slanted economics and an anti-union bias (TNT, 11-5).

Miller lays out a sweeping ledger sheet of generalities, while omitting the details, and the quality of management seems to escape his scrutiny completely. I can cite example after example to Miller of situations that without, employee input through their union, millions would have been lost due to management’s ineptitude.

I also point out to him a recent study showing that public

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PUBLIC EMPLOYEES: Stop abuse of administrative leave

Now that taxpayers are in a cost-cutting mood, maybe it is time to do some research on paid administrative leave for government employees.

It is completely understandable why law enforcement officers are placed on paid leave while the facts are sorted out if they have fired their weapons in the line of duty. However, there are far too many instances in which public employees who have been removed from their jobs because of violations of work rules, incompetence or even alleged criminal activity continue to receive full pay for many months or even years. Why?

Almost without exception, public employee

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SPENDING: Disconnect of public sector employees

A  letter from a Washington Education Association member (TNT, 2-28) exemplifies the disconnect of many unionized civil servants.

There’s a reason that the private sector, including unionized workers, don’t receive the Cadillac benefits packages that government employees do: namely, their employers would go broke. No private company could provide those levels of benefits and stay in business.

So many government workers don’t seem to understand that, by design, they don’t sell their services or goods; they’re paid for by taxes and fees.

The WEA member that I referred to arrogantly proclaims that she feels no shame for taking what

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SPENDING: Put an end to sweetheart contracts

Re: “Don’t blame public employee unions” (letter, 2-28).

I concur with the writer that all public employees deserve living wages and benefits. Where the letter writer and I may disagree does not involve this issue.

It involves the ability of public employee unions to support political candidates financially and with campaign labor and to then sit across from these same, now elected and now beholden, lawmakers and negotiate wages and benefits.

In the Jimmy Hoffa Teamster days, these were known as “sweetheart contracts.” I fail to see any public benefit from this arrangement.