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EDUCATION: Lawmakers must remember the kids

Legislators are headed back to Olympia this week to somehow solve this budget mess. I hope that they remember the kids.

Remember the kids when they are proposing budgets that will eliminate crucial programs that are necessary for student success and increasing student achievement.

Remember the kids when they are proposing budget cuts that will lay off great teachers and dramatically increase class sizes.

Remember the kids when they propose even more unfunded mandates with less support and even higher class sizes because those budgets have already been cut.

It is the paramount duty of the state of Washington to

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SCHOOLS: Solutions to America’s education troubles

A lot has been said about education, but the results are still the same. Kids are not learning as well as they should. The answer is obvious.

1. Teachers must apply all methods possible in each lesson. Not all students learn in the same way. Teachers also must teach critical thinking skills as well.

2. Test teachers on subject matter and current teaching method competency annually. Evaluate them based on how well the students perform.

3. Students will be required to earn the grades and will be retained until they do pass the subject. Seat time is eliminated. If students

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