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TRANSIT: Consumers can vote with their wallets

Last fall, we had the option to support Pierce Transit with .03 percent sales tax increase, which I supported. Many car dealerships came out against Proposition 1 and made financial contributions to the opposition campaign. Their stance was that with the increase, potential customers would shop at dealers where the sales tax rate is lower.

As one who believes I can also vote with my wallet, I checked the state Public Disclosure Commission’s website to see which dealers made contributions. Now that I’m in the market for a new truck, those that decided to make their political views public and

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ELECTIONS: Citizens can follow the money

Thanks for such an important and insightful editorial, “Citizens United bodes ill for Washington’s judicial races” (TNT, 4-4).

I agree with your final sentence: “The ultimate protection lies with Washington’s citizens.” But we citizens need to discover who is donating how much to the candidates so we can vote intelligently. We must follow the money in the campaigns.

Fortunately our great state has the top-ranked Public Disclosure Commission in the United States where we can find such data.

To discover this go to www.pdc.wa.gov; click “Search the Database,” then “Candidates,” then “Judicial” and you will see those running

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PDC: Sunshine Committee equally important

Re: “Citizens should update, fund Public Disclosure Commission” (column, 8-28)

Peter Callaghan makes a valid point that Public Disclosure Commission should be funded and be active.

Another side of the picture concerns the Public Records Accountability (Sunshine) Committee.

It is certainly in the public’s interest for the PDC to publish the record of candidates’ funding sources to show which special interest groups heavily support a particular person and in turn expect support from that person for legislation favorable to the supporting group.

It is equally as important that public records and meetings be open for scrutiny of the taxpayer.

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PDC: State needs even more disclosure

Re: “Citizens should update, fund Public Disclosure Commission” (Peter Callaghan column, 8-28).

Thanks to Callaghan for his insightful accounting of the Public Disclosure Commission’s beginnings, purpose and present needs.

Having come to Washington in 1990, I knew little of this agency. But as I began to see more clearly how money so powerfully controls our political process, I became painfully aware of how powerless I am as an individual voter donating at most $100 to a candidate’s campaign.

I have written letters to both federal and state elected officials. Sometimes I get no response, and other times I get

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WASHAM: Recall leader gets to play by different rules

What is that odor lingering in the air? Sort of like rotten eggs? Oh, I get it. It is coming from The News Tribune (4-29) and the leader of the Dale Washam recall effort, Robin Farris.

Isn’t it nice that she does not have to play by the same rules Washam is held to? She does not have to pay her lawyers, and her fine of $500 was suspended by the state Public Disclosure Commission and she only has to pay half of it.

The charges of violating regulations governing the reporting of campaign contributions by initially placing

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