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ELECTION: Harbaugh best school board choice

Our best choice of candidate to fill the recently vacated position on the Peninsula School District’s board of directors is clearly Leslie Harbaugh. I watched her in action during the district’s levy campaigns. No one was more knowledgeable of the issues involved nor more tenacious in encouraging voters to support our schools.

Despite the levy/bond failure, because many constituents failed to vote, Harbaugh never wavered in her dedication to fight the good fight for our kids.

She stimulates positive approaches to the issues and is not one to complain about the problem but rather one who seeks answers beneficial to

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EDUCATION: Puyallup schools decision making flawed

This fall, I received an email from the district, a letter from the superintendent, Tony Apostle. This letter was to inform me of changes that were being considered for the configuration of the grades within each school. I say considered but the tone of the letter was more definitive.

It stated that these changes were to occur starting in the Fall of 2012. It was with some surprise when I learned later that my friends who worked within the district were not aware of these purposed changes. Changes that will impact every school within the district to some degree but

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