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CORPORATIONS: Political reality misrepresented

Bradley Schiller totally misrepresents political reality in his column, ¨The problem is Washington, D.C. – not Wall Street¨ (TNT. 12-8). It is corporate America that runs Washington, D.C., not the other way around.

Corporations fund political campaigns of candidates for every political office imaginable, state and federal. They advertise their candidates with no limitations under the Supreme Court´s Citizens United decision. They fund an army of lobbyists to weaken congressional attempts at regulation. They cash in on their political contributions to get their lackeys appointed to powerful positions in agencies that regulate them.

It was corporate America that caused the

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PROTESTS: Occupiers stand for what really matters

I, for one, still strongly support the Occupy movement – who else is speaking for the 99 percent of Americans watching their futures and their children’s, too, being stolen by Wall Street malfeasance and voracious greed? All while so many in government, federal, state and local, look the other way and do nothing – or, worse yet, aid and abet the thieves with special deals, bailouts and tax breaks, and no prosecutions. A really pitiful state of affairs not becoming at all to a civilized society.

Jobs, the environment, education, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, libraries,
police and fire protection, healthcare,

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PROTESTS: Editorial got it wrong about cops

Re: “Demonizing the cops: A stale, vicious protest tactic” (editorial, 11-20).

As a 40-year reader, I have not always agreed with News Tribune editorial opinions but have found them to be reasonable and fair. That ended with this editorial.

I have great respect for those in law enforcement and the difficult job they do. I have followed the Occupy movement closely and watched many videos in which the only provocation was peacefully standing or sitting when police initiated excessive force.

Stating that unarmed, peaceful protesters are inciting police to beat them, pepper-spray them, tear-gas them and shoot them with

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PROTESTS: Specific goals for a healthy debate

The Occupy Wall Street movement has struck a particular nerve with many Americans. Our country is disastrously off track, and our way of life is disintegrating, thanks to a dysfunctional Congress that is far more beholden to corporate interests than to the collective good of its citizens.

Rather than have Fox News and its minions define and marginalize OWS in a disparaging fashion, may I suggest that OWS articulate some specific goals that can be debated amongst “we the people”? They may want to start with:

  • True Wall Street reform, including restoring the Glass-Steagall Act.
  • Campaign finance reform, including

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POLICE: Uniform doesn’t make one above reproach

Re: ”Demonizing the cops: A stale, vicious protest tactic” (editorial, 11-20).

The editorial had a good deal of truth to it, but only covered half the story. While I applaud the majority of the Occupy Wall Street movement for bringing to light gross misconduct by our banking and financial intuitions, it is true that there is a small portion among them that only has an agenda of causing mayhem and violence. I agree that this element should be dealt with harshly.

That said, there is also an element among the various police forces that seems bent on violence and mayhem

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WEALTH: Capitalism requires participation

Don’t resent the rich, join them.

The beauty of capitalism, as practiced in the United States, is that it is open to all. The American experience is replete with hard-luck success stories, the downtrodden rising to great heights on little more than perseverance and hard work.

But there’s the rub. Those who are squatting in public places throughout the nation are not interested in hard work or its rewards. What they want is no less than state enforced wealth redistribution. They should look at the ruins of the Soviet Union, or the human-rights of those in Venezuela or Cuba.


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PROTESTS: Rich deserve to be resented

Re: “Resentment of rich is un-American” (letter, 11-14).

Resentment of the rich is un-American? They damn well deserve the resentment as they are not handling the monetary system for the good of all concerned, not even their country.

What ivory tower has that letter writer been living in? Certainly not the reality of many in this country who do not have equal opportunity.

Envy? How about the desire to have adequate food, shelter, and care? Or is that a luxury only the winners can afford? Many of the rich in this country are abject failures as human beings. Even many

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PROTESTS: Gerson dismisses movement’s root causes

Re: “Radicalism discredits Occupy movement’s message” (Michael Gerson column, 11-8).

Gerson’s criticism of the Occupy movement is a flagrant and sustained case of the classic ad hominem logical fallacy. He paints the protesters as a ragtag menagerie of hooligans/ideological misfits and thereby dismisses their message and the problems that have spawned it without addressing either.

I sympathize with the movement because I want my country back – back from those who have inordinate power and who profit excessively while the majority of Americans fall further and further behind, back to the traditional American values of equal opportunity, reward for

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