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PROPOSITION 1: Typo is a fatal flaw

Re: “Prop. 1 text has a typo in tax number” (TNT, 10-22).

This front-page article told us that the wording for Prop. 1 on the ballot and voter pamphlet contains an inaccurate figure for the proposed countywide sales tax hike that would raise money for South Sound 911. While the ballot and voter pamphlet wording stated that the increase would be “one tenth of one percent” the numerical amount stated was 0.01 percent, which is not accurate. One tenth of one percent (which is the accurate amount of the increase) is 10 times greater than 0.01 percent.

In talking with

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911: First responders need state-of-the-art equipment

This is certainly not a good time to consider a tax hike – even a 1-cent tax on every $10 purchase. As one who questions taxes of all types, there had better be a good reason to bring this proposal before the voters in November. Turns out, there is.

I have been a physician for over 35 years and have seen the unquestionable value of swift, seamless, timely and actionable information and coordinated response where such efforts have saved lives.

Stories of medical procedures and therapies quickly and thoughtfully applied are common and even expected by a public used to

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911: Are taxpayers being scammed?

As a retired volunteer fire fighter and EMT, I definitely believe in the 911 system, but I don’t support the new 911 tax. Why? Because I think we are being scammed!

This “just one tenth of a percent” sales and use tax joins all the other “just one tenth of a percent” taxes,  and would be in addition to the Washington state 911 tax and the Pierce County 911 surcharge we already pay on our home telephone and cell phone bills.

The voters pamphlet states that the proposed tax is only for the 911 upgrade, but how hard would that

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PROPOSITION 1: Help us help you

Re: “The case for South Sound 911″ (Other Views, 10-16).

I have been a firefighter in Pierce County for 30 years at Lakewood Fire Department which is now West Pierce Fire & Rescue. I am in support of Proposition 1. This is due to the critical need for a broad update and revamping of the coordination and communication between fire crews and fire departments, including fire and police agencies.

The News Tribune recently ran an article in support of Proposition 1, and it mentioned an incident involving firefighters and the loss of communication during an explosion and subsequent house

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911: Past time to upgrade system

I work for West Pierce Fire and Rescue as a 911 dispatch supervisor. I have worked in the field for over 25 years.

1. Despite what the “No” campaign would have you believe, there are many dispatchers who support Proposition 1. My own guild and IAFF Local 31 have voted to endorse the proposition. We represent over 95 percent of the fire and EMS dispatchers in Pierce County.

2. Our facilities are severely overtaxed. They were never designed to support the power drain we place on them today. The simple act of plugging in a vacuum cleaner has taken my

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BUSES: We can’t afford to lose bus routes

I would wholeheartedly support Pierce Transit Proposition 1, but I can’t vote.

I am a 14-year old home-schooler who lives in Tacoma and has an incredibly busy schedule. You may think it unusual for someone my age to go to Milton on a regular basis, yet every Wednesday I wake up early, take the No. 1 bus to the Tacoma station, and wait patiently for the No. 501 bus to take me to an economics class in Milton.

As I am not old enough to drive without getting into huge trouble, the bus is essential to my somewhat improvised education.

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