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TACOMA: Pass bond issue for parks’ future

Tacoma has a joyous opportunity to make an investment in the future while honoring the rich legacy of conservation and education already established at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. The time for action is now. Metro Parks Proposition 1 on the April 22 ballot needs voter approval.

Imagine a new aquarium in which you can see not only Northwest marine animals but also sea turtles, hammerhead sharks and other Pacific Rim species. Think of more space for polar bears and walruses where excited children can watch them from wonderful new vantage points. It’s all included Metro Parks Tacoma’s Proposition 1.

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TACOMA: School infrastructure makes a difference

When it rains, the teacher in Stewart Middle School’s computer lab sets a garbage can between two desktop computers to catch the rain drops coming through the ceiling. Stewart opened in 1924.

At Wilson High School, the antiquated heating system has students freezing on one side of the school and sweating on the other.

It’s not only common sense that tells us if a kid is too cold or too hot or distracted by water dripping from the ceiling, then he or she is probably not focusing as much as possible on learning. Multiple research studies prove it.

In a

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TACOMA: Support future generations with Prop. 1

I was cleaning out my parent’s house after they moved into an assisted living facility and came across some of my elementary school papers and report cards my parents had saved. Reading the hand written comments from my teachers, I remembered how they encouraged me and pictured my classrooms at Arlington Elementary that were old in the 1950’s.

Today, as I read about Proposition 1, which will replace old Arlington and many other deteriorated school facilities, I am reminded that the schools that helped shaped my life were provided by generations before me. While I do not live within the

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TACOMA: Prop. 1 is key to city’s future

As any realtor will tell you, a great many people make their decision where to live based on the quality of the public school in the neighborhood and in the city itself.

While Washington state grew 14 percent from 2000 to 2010, the City of Tacoma grew a measly 2.5 percent during this period. Meanwhile, nearby cities of Seattle, Olympia and Bellingham grew at eight, nine and 20 percent, respectively.

Increasing the attractiveness and functionality of Tacoma’s school buildings is critical for the city’s effort to rebuild itself and to obtain enough population in its neighborhood centers to

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BUSES: Not hard to see why Prop. 1 is needed

So why do we need buses? Who rides the bus?

Well, I’ll tell you. Seniors who can no longer drive. College students trying to work and go to school. The working and poor who can’t afford a car and insurance. Disabled people who have no other way to get out and be a part of society. Young women with children trying to get the necessities of life. Mentally ill people on their way to treatment.

So why do we need buses? Figure it out. Vote yes on Pierce Transit Proposition 1.


911: Proposition 1 is limited to life of the bonds

Opponents of Proposition 1, which creates a seamless countywide emergency communications system called South Sound 911, are making lots of incorrect claims.

Let’s set the record straight.

CLAIM: This is a permanent tax.
FACT: As a member of your Pierce County Council, I sponsored the amendment that placed an air-tight “sunset clause” on the sales tax increase. The one-tenth of one percent sales tax will expire in 25 years, after the construction bonds are paid off. It would take voter approval to renew it.

CLAIM: The government will “quietly” shift this tax to other areas after the capital needs

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911: It’s your call

Remember the rotary phone? Touch tone and wireless phones? Now we have cellular, Bluetooth, voice over internet, instant messaging, texting, and even video conferencing. What is the next gadget that will bring new opportunities and that we must have in order to keep up with the “Joneses”?

As a multiple user for requesting services through 911, I was relieved and grateful that there was a response to my need. Yet, many of our daily communication devices cannot be used to request life saving assistance because of the rapidly changing technology and lifestyles of today’s modern electronic “toys.” So I ask

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911: Proposition 1 is a sensible solution

I have been a fire service professional for 35 years and currently serve as the fire chief of West Pierce Fire & Rescue. I support Proposition 1 because I’ve seen firsthand how poor communications can wreak havoc on an emergency scene, putting first responders and citizens at risk. I believe it would be irresponsible to allow our patchwork system of six dispatch centers and six radio systems to continue, when Proposition 1 serves as a sensible solution that will create a single, integrated, state of the art system.

Proposition 1 is endorsed by a broad range of emergency service professionals

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