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PROPOSITION 1: Typo is a fatal flaw

Re: “Prop. 1 text has a typo in tax number” (TNT, 10-22).

This front-page article told us that the wording for Prop. 1 on the ballot and voter pamphlet contains an inaccurate figure for the proposed countywide sales tax hike that would raise money for South Sound 911. While the ballot and voter pamphlet wording stated that the increase would be “one tenth of one percent” the numerical amount stated was 0.01 percent, which is not accurate. One tenth of one percent (which is the accurate amount of the increase) is 10 times greater than 0.01 percent.

In talking with

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PROPOSITION 1: Failure to explain

I just finished reading my voters pamphlet about Prop. 1. It continues to amaze me how people that want to spend our money and raise our taxes will leave things out and tell half truths when they attempt to explain the need. They must think that voters are stupid.

They fail to explain that money was received from the Federal Government a few years back to upgrade the very thing they are trying to raise our taxes for now. They fail to explain that that money was spent to make the LESA director’s office, conference rooms and lounges extremely comfortable.


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