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GUNS: Learn lessons of Prohibition, drug war

The Spanish philosopher Santayana said that those unwilling to learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.

Some of us remember Prohibition of alcohol. This gave rise to the gangster culture in major cities. Then Timothy Leary taught, “Turn on, tune in, and drop out” – leading to the drug culture of today.

The present “gun control” mania will create the same expanded market for firearms of every construct. The selling market has escalated. Just as it is difficult to apprehend drug dealers and their stock in trade, so it will be for the illicit traffickers in firearms

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I-502: Let’s end the anti-pot insanity

In the last century, our nation enacted a constitutional amendment to ban alcohol. Although the law was well-intentioned, we can look back on this act now as a dreadful mistake. Not only did it make criminals out of ordinary citizens who attempted to enjoy alcoholic beverages as they had done for years, it also brought us the scourge of organized crime. We are still suffering from the effects of the advent of the latter.

Eventually in 1933, Prohibition was repealed. But in 1937, our nation enacted another prohibition against a naturally occurring weed, marijuana. In my view, this newer prohibition

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POT: Legalize, tax and regulate marijuana

People with chronic pain should absolutely have access to marijuana as a way of dealing with that pain. I believe most readers would agree with that statement. I go a step further with my view, however: Marijuana should be made legal for adults to use if they choose to do so.

Forget about medical marijuana. Let’s finally end this crazy prohibition against a naturally occurring plant that many people use, albeit against current laws. Alcohol, too, was also against the law. Ken Burns’ recent PBS special showed us how stupid it was to try to eliminate something that people enjoy.

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POT: We’re seeing Prohibition, Part II

The News Tribune featured a lengthy article (10-2) about the debate over medical marijuana. Coincidentally, PBS debuted Ken Burns’ new series on Prohibition this week.

Conclusions: Prohibition was an epic failure that failed to legislate behavior and created institutionalized crime. Alcohol was once available only by prescription for medical purposes, flasks were illegal paraphernalia, and zealots with social and religious agendas tried to impose their ideals on Americans.

If we fail to learn from the very real history of Prohibition, then we repeat it all again with marijuana. Pot only by prescription, drug cartels in Mexico, pipes as illegal

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DRUGS: The folly of prohibition

Two related items in Monday’s News Tribune are worthy of comment: the new concerns regarding the abuse of bath salts and California’s new law creating penalties for selling synthetic cannabis.

If the definition of insanity is making the same error over and over again, then the absurdly named war on drugs is a prime example. The prohibition of adult use of plant and chemical substances has never worked and it never will. And the futile law enforcement effort against these behaviors occasions staggering societal and economic costs, without any possibility of success.

The United States came to grips with this

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MARIJUANA: Tax benefit to legalizing pot

Peter Callaghan mentioned in his column (TNT, 9-23) that some thought the main reason liquor was legalized in 1933 was for government revenue to help the country out of the Great Depression.

Right now we are in the biggest recession since then, and we have the opportunity to do the very same thing by legalizing marijuana. There would be even more advantages this time besides helping our enormously distressed government budget.

Our court system is helplessly bogged down with prosecuting marijuana cases and trying to fight a war that will never be won. Legalization would take a huge dent out

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