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TACOMA: Proctor developers price out small local business

My partner and I own and operate Cafe Brosseau, a coffeehouse in the Three Bridges Neighborhood in North Tacoma. One of the principals (who is a customer of ours) of the new Proctor development suggested that we pursue a space in the retail section of the building for a projected coffeehouse lobby/entrance space.

We met with another principal owner and the leasing company representative recently to discuss going forward with this location. It quickly became clear that this new development is no place for a local coffee house.

The developers are requiring a build-out cost of approximately $200,000 and

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TACOMA: Stop tower in Proctor District

The city is about to green-light a huge, ugly cellphone tower in the heart of the Proctor neighborhood and business district. The tower will be 80 feet high, with 12 large panels surrounding the top and a large disk antenna below the panels.

The tower would be owned by Cascadia PM and/or AT&T. Cascadia says AT&T needs the tower, and needs it as designed, to improve the reach of AT&T’s 4G signal. The way we see it, AT&T’s commercial interest is less important than the character of our neighborhood.

Further, make no mistake about it, this tower would be the

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TACOMA: Better enforce pedestrian laws

It’s time that the City of Tacoma and its police department start enforcing the state pedestrian laws.

Every time you cross from one corner to another, you are taking your life into your hands. If you have ever visited Kirkland, the minute you begin to cross, traffic STOPS.

Pedestrians also need to make sure that they obey the law and not cross in the middle of the block. The Proctor area would be a great place to start enforcing this.


TACOMA: Proctor Station already taking a toll

Re: Proctor Station (TNT, 6-27).

The “building once criticized by neighbors” is still very much hated. This reformation of Proctor and the North End Neighborhood will forever negatively impact this area.

Let’s take score. To date, the business district has lost six businesses: four to relocation, one has closed and one is moving to a new location. Wild Child is promoting “plenty of parking” in its new spot. With the construction, more than 50 parking spaces have been lost: the lot across from Knapp’s (about 25, never to be replaced) and street parking on 28th Street, Proctor and Madison.

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TACOMA: Proctor doesn’t need this kind of change

Re: “Change is coming to Proctor, but that’s nothing new” (Your Voice, 4-22).

Change isn’t always good, especially when it is disguised as something good. This is really about profit and money.

Don’t kid yourself; the developers, even those who live and work in Proctor, are going to make a bundle. Their bottom line is what is at stake. The mess that is left in our neighborhood will be still here while the cha-ching of the money will be reverberating in their bank accounts.

The congestion, noise and overcrowding as well as the eyesore buildings (over 65 feet tall)

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TACOMA: Project’s scale doesn’t fit Proctor District

Although it has been several weeks since an article on The Proctor apartment complex development has appeared, it is still hotly debated among many North End residents.

No one can deny how hard Bill Evans has worked to help make the Proctor District the thriving village within a city that it is, but most of us agree that the building’s scale and character do not fit the location.

If instead a building similar to Puyallup’s Pioneer Pavilion – which houses the indoor Farmer’s Market, receptions, concerts and other events – could be built, it would become a Proctor landmark

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TACOMA: Developments threaten Proctor District

Tacoma is a city of neighborhoods with the family-friendly, small-town ambience Proctor District arguably the crown jewel. That is about to end. Developers intend to turn Proctor into Seattle’s congested Capitol Hill or Belltown areas.

One group plans a six-story mixed-use complex that will cover the block between North 27th and 28th on Proctor and turn west for a block to Madison Street. Another is rumored to be planning a five-story apartment building for the corner of North 26th and Madison.

More than twice the height of any adjacent buildings, these high-rises do not fit the neighborhood and will literally

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TACOMA: Proctor project will benefit the neighborhood

After building little but unsightly, car-centric, unwalkable strip malls for the last 50 years, it is refreshing to see a well-designed mixed-use development coming to the Proctor business district (TNT, 12-11).

Built right next to the sidewalk with continuous retail on the first floor on the “main street” and housing above, The Proctor embodies an ideal design, adds much-needed housing, fills in a muddy parking lot and repairs some of the urban fabric on Proctor Street.

The development will make the Proctor District even more walkable and vibrant. It will place housing smartly in one of Tacoma’s mixed-use

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