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TACOMA: Project’s scale doesn’t fit Proctor District

Although it has been several weeks since an article on The Proctor apartment complex development has appeared, it is still hotly debated among many North End residents.

No one can deny how hard Bill Evans has worked to help make the Proctor District the thriving village within a city that it is, but most of us agree that the building’s scale and character do not fit the location.

If instead a building similar to Puyallup’s Pioneer Pavilion – which houses the indoor Farmer’s Market, receptions, concerts and other events – could be built, it would become a Proctor landmark

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TACOMA: Developments threaten Proctor District

Tacoma is a city of neighborhoods with the family-friendly, small-town ambience Proctor District arguably the crown jewel. That is about to end. Developers intend to turn Proctor into Seattle’s congested Capitol Hill or Belltown areas.

One group plans a six-story mixed-use complex that will cover the block between North 27th and 28th on Proctor and turn west for a block to Madison Street. Another is rumored to be planning a five-story apartment building for the corner of North 26th and Madison.

More than twice the height of any adjacent buildings, these high-rises do not fit the neighborhood and will literally

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TACOMA: Proctor project will benefit the neighborhood

After building little but unsightly, car-centric, unwalkable strip malls for the last 50 years, it is refreshing to see a well-designed mixed-use development coming to the Proctor business district (TNT, 12-11).

Built right next to the sidewalk with continuous retail on the first floor on the “main street” and housing above, The Proctor embodies an ideal design, adds much-needed housing, fills in a muddy parking lot and repairs some of the urban fabric on Proctor Street.

The development will make the Proctor District even more walkable and vibrant. It will place housing smartly in one of Tacoma’s mixed-use

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TACOMA: Proctor apartments not well thought out

The New Tribune’s article (TNT, 12-11) announcing the upcoming construction of the “The Proctor” apartments may be exciting for business owners in the district,but what about the rest of us?

It is noteworthy that the article interviewed some of the principals of the project as well as some local business interests for their opinions; why not ordinary homeowners?

Do we really want a behemoth six(!) story building that dwarfs all the existing buildings and homes in the neighborhood? Do we really think that the transient population that comes with large apartment buildings won’t erode the “feel” of the Proctor District?

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TACOMA: Proctor District has no final authority

There has been conversation about a bike rack in the Proctor District of Tacoma. It is important to clarify that the Proctor District is just that – a district. It is not a municipality. It is subject to the laws and ordinances of the City of Tacoma. The city has created a process for maintenance and improvements in each of the 15 districts. These districts are to be consulted but do not have final authority.

In this case the Proctor District Association did not know about the bike rack project until it was completed and was asked to approve

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TACOMA: Bureaucratic pothole opens up in Proctor

Re:”Proctor’s bike-rack bureaucracy tests patience of local Boy Scout” (Larry LaRue column, 5-22).

The Pacific Northwest Shop’s request to have a bicycle rack designed and created by a person from the Northwest seems more than reasonable. The Proctor District Association’s (PDA) denial of the permit seems less so.

Bicycle racks have many uses and purposes: They make shopping convenient for riders, encourage others to ride, make sidewalks safer for pedestrians, demonstrate a commitment to exercise and are an affirmative way to reduce our collective carbon footprint. In this case, the racks were an expression of Zach Quellette’s artistic talent

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TACOMA: Right idea, wrong neighborhood

Re: “Mixed-use projects are tools in fight against sprawl” (editorial, 3-28).

It is difficult to see what “sprawl” will be prevented with the proposed construction of Proctor 28. The Proctor District has been largely unchanged for the past 50 years.

Proctor 28 is sprawl. It will introduce a six-story structure right next to Mason Middle School, a two-story parking garage, and 135 cars pouring out onto an already crowded two-lane road. There are drainage problems already on 28th Street in the fall and winter.

This development will fundamentally change the community and is nothing more than a way to

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PETS: Keep dogs out of farmers’ markets

Dog owners,please don’t take your pets to a farmers’ market.

You may not mind Fido sniffing your legs or leaving a dump on the pavement, but that’s exactly what I saw Saturday at the Proctor District market.

With all that food on display and small children milling around, I was surprised to see so many canines, especially since supermarkets and restaurants only allow service dogs. Why should it be any different for an open-air market selling food products?