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PRIVATIZATION: Government for the people

The Constitution’s preamble clearly states that one of the nation’s goals is to “promote the general welfare.”

The U.S. Postal Service, for example, pays for itself. What more could you ask? It even delivers to rural areas for the other companies because it’s cost-effective. Prices would go up with privatization because private owners would require profits.

Members of Congress have wonderful single-payer health care. As patients, I wonder if they think it is dangerously socialist. I doubt it. Medicare is less generous but is also run by the government, and should not be privatized.

There must be good people in

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TACOMA: Take pride in city ownership of basic services

Re: “Tacoma’s ‘public-ization’” (TNT, 11-28).

Ken Miller’s column questioning the value of maintaining basic services in municipal hands is just another example of the private sector’s desire to piggyback its way to profits by taking over public services.

Tacomans – and surrounding residents who benefit from the great service and lower rates offered by our Tacoma Public Utilities – should be happy that those who share his views have not yet seized control of our most basic city services, electricity and water.

Our founding citizens knew the value of public ownership of certain services and enlisted community members in its

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TACOMA: Keep those services in the public sector

Re: “Tacoma’s public-ization” (TNT, 11-28).

Ken Miller’s idea – to sell off publicly owned assets – does not pass the smell test. He forgot to ask, “Cui bono?”

Should products and services enjoyed by everyone be owned by the public and managed by civil servants for our benefit, or should we pay substantial sums to line the pockets of wealthy investors and overpaid corporate managers?

I am delighted to know that Tacoma is one of the most progressive cities around. I would like to see it stay that way forever.


STATE BUDGET: Is privatization some kind of cure-all?

While candidates and their acolytes banter back and forth on qualifications and issues, I’d like to step back and talk about a philosophy that I’ve detected in these rounds of debate forums.

I’ve heard one Republican after another talk about privatization as if it were a holy grail. They equate privatization with profit and leave us to assume that that will solve our state’s budget problems.

Aside from armies, police and firefighters, Republicans want to privatize just about everything. But is privatization good for middle-class taxpayers such as us?

Let’s assume that the ferry system were private, as it was

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