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DEMOCRATS: Governance hurts American prosperity

Ever since the 2014 election, the Democrats and the liberal press have been saying that Republicans had better show the can govern. Really? So if Congress doesn’t pass President Obama’s left-wing agenda, “Republicans unable to govern” will be the headline?

How well have the president and the Democrats governed? Obamacare was rammed through Congress over the objections of the American people and was built on a pack of lies (Johnathan Gruber was the smoking gun). Our foreign policy is a mess, and we would almost be energy independent by now if Obama and radical environmentalists hadn’t had a war on

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US: Personal decline is national decline

So this is where the subjectivism of postmodern thought has taken us.

We have tens of thousands of Americans taking part in protest marches or worse, destroying property because of their personal perception of truth (contrary to eyewitness testimony and physical evidence) concerning what happened in Ferguson, Missouri.

We also have a president who says that he doesn’t have the constitutional authority to grant legal status to illegal immigrants, only to turn around and claim, after an executive order doing that very thing, that he never said that.

A society cannot stand, nor can a nation endure, when its people

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IMMIGRATION: Time for Obama to work with Republicans

Re: “Obama vows to bypass Congress on immigration” (TNT, 11-6).

The last time I read the Constitution, the president was not in charge of immigration policy. That task belongs to Congress. President Obama continues to threaten Republicans with his executive authority in rewriting immigration policy. Republicans in Congress need to exercise their congressional authority and cut off Obama’s funds. Maybe that will cool his jets.

The president continues to claim a mandate to get things done. The way I see it, the people voted for Republicans because they didn’t like what the president and his party were doing.

Maybe it’s

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ELECTION: Results support bipartisan cooperation

What a privilege to exercise our right to vote! The American people have spoken, and the majority have voted their preference for Republican leadership. However, there is an under-current as well: Americans are frustrated with grid-lock and want both parties to work together for the better of our country.

My hope is that Republican leadership can take this opportunity to pursue bipartisan policy that the majority of Americans support, including immigration reform, support for public and affordable higher education and investing in a new and sustainable energy economy.

It is also telling that almost every single opportunity for states or

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ELECTION: If Romney were president

They say this election is a rejection of Obama’s policies. But if Mitt Romney were president, his policies would be virtually identical to Obama’s, the economy would be where it is today, and Republicans would crow about his achievements, lauding him for:

* Saving the economy from collapse;
* Restoring the U.S. automotive industry;
* Achieving a 60-year low in the deficit spending rate;
* Bringing unemployment under 6%;
* Stimulating record corporate profits;
* Raising the Dow-Jones by 10,000 points;
* Decreasing U.S. dependency on foreign oil;
* Making us a world

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ELECTION: President Obama’s strategy too late

With the balance of power in the U.S. Senate on the line, it is not surprising that so many Democratic candidates are trying their best to disassociate themselves from a president who is about as popular as the common cold, but his “I’m not on the ballot” comment just about says it all.

It sounds as if he is attempting to distance himself from himself, which would probably be a wise strategy, but like so many of his other actions, it may well be too little too late.


MINIMUM WAGE: Obama not at fault

Re: “MINIMUM WAGE: The anti-prosperity president” (Letter, 12-10).

This letter contains many inaccuracies and statements of opinion without any facts to back them up. I think it is clear that the failure of our economy to improve for the vast majority of families is as much, if not more, the fault of Congress and corporations as of the president. The House of Representatives, in particular, has scuttled many efforts by the president to improve the economy. Corporations sit on vast amounts of profits without reinvesting them by creating jobs.

The letter writer accuses the president of “raising” regulations on businesses

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SCANDALS: Fish rot from the head down

Why are so many Americans depressed these days?

While there are a number of reasons such as the employment situation, the immigration problem, the scary prospect of more terrorist attacks similar to what happened in Boston, etc., among other things, there is also the feeling that we are not being told the truth by our government.

The IRS has been targeting conservative political groups, the Justice Department has been listening in on peoples’ phone conversations without getting permission to do so first, and, above all, the great majority of the people do not think we have been honestly been informed

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