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MINIMUM WAGE: Obama not at fault

Re: “MINIMUM WAGE: The anti-prosperity president” (Letter, 12-10).

This letter contains many inaccuracies and statements of opinion without any facts to back them up. I think it is clear that the failure of our economy to improve for the vast majority of families is as much, if not more, the fault of Congress and corporations as of the president. The House of Representatives, in particular, has scuttled many efforts by the president to improve the economy. Corporations sit on vast amounts of profits without reinvesting them by creating jobs.

The letter writer accuses the president of “raising” regulations on businesses

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SCANDALS: Fish rot from the head down

Why are so many Americans depressed these days?

While there are a number of reasons such as the employment situation, the immigration problem, the scary prospect of more terrorist attacks similar to what happened in Boston, etc., among other things, there is also the feeling that we are not being told the truth by our government.

The IRS has been targeting conservative political groups, the Justice Department has been listening in on peoples’ phone conversations without getting permission to do so first, and, above all, the great majority of the people do not think we have been honestly been informed

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SOCIAL SECURITY: Plan pays for itself

Even Ronald Reagan understood that Social Security does not affect the deficit and vowed to protect it during his terms as President. Ronald Reagan said, during a 1984 debate with Walter Mondale: “Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit. Social Security is totally funded by the payroll tax levied on employer and employee. If you reduce the outgo of Social Security, that money would not go into the general fund to reduce the deficit, it would go into the Social Security trust fund.”

President Obama’s proposed cuts to Social Security – and, trust me, the change to a

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ELECTION: Republicans made three mistakes

The results of our last election can be attributed to three specific mistakes by Republicans.

First, truth and facts do matter to people. To dismiss “fact checking” tells voters that the truth is secondary to “spin.” The claim that Chrysler was moving Jeep jobs to China was clearly denied by the Chrysler company. Instead of admitting a mistake had been made, they continued to repeat a lie. Integrity matters.

Second, when President Obama became the ‘food stamp” president, Republicans told every person who had needed either food stamps or unemployment that they were freeloaders. Pure and simple – it demeaned

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LIBYA: Choice of words not the issue

Re: “Republicans have a new tactic” (Letters, 11-6).

The letter writer accused Republicans of childishly focusing on President Obama’s choice of descriptive words regarding the murder of Americans in Libya. He’s mistaken.

The concern is why the president didn’t take actions that would have protected the consulate, as the consulate requested repeatedly long before the seven hour siege. Where was the loyalty and courage expected of elected officials? Is this the protection Americans can expect from the government when vulnerable?


DEBT: Accountability needed for FDIC insured

Re: “Fix government spending, not JP Morgan” (letter, 5-17).

The writer complains about the “big-government types” like President Obama wasting millions of dollars on “nitwit” ideas that have made our country into a nation of “loafers” waiting for their next paycheck.

Let’s examine some of the facts. While JP Morgan is a public company, it is also backed by the government’s FDIC program that covers their hedges (code for gambling) with institutions’ and individuals’ monies. So when it comes looking for a bailout, naturally the need for accountability is obvious.

Even the Swiss government had to bail out one

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POLITICS: Democrats the real “party of the rich”

I got a nice chuckle last Sunday (5-13) while reading the Charles Barkley interview in Parade Magazine. The interviewer stated “I read somewhere that you’re a Republican; true?” Barkley answered “No, I said I was rich like a Republican.” I like Charles Barkley. He is a funny guy. Unfortunately, like many Americans, Barkley is uninformed.

The wealth in this country is held overwhelmingly by liberals and the “party of the rich” is the Democratic Party. This idea that the Republicans are the “rich guys” is just propaganda promoted by the Democrats for years and reignited by President Obama’s class warfare.

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DEBT: Fix gov’t spending, not JP Morgan

Last week, Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan announced that some trading errors that occurred at his company as a way to hedge the company’s portfolio resulted in a $2 billion dollar loss. Big government types like President Obama and the rest are now calling for investigation and more supervision.

Let’s see, JP Morgan is a public company. The loss is a lot of money, however, they will still earn money for their share holders for the first quarter.

Big government types like Obama have wasted money far faster. They have given us the $800 billion dollar stimulus bill, the multi-trillion

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