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UWT: Keep enthusiasm level up for Prairie Line Trail

Re: “Newly dedicated trail pays homage to city’s rail history” (TNT, 9-26).

Even the light drizzle of rain on Thursday (Sept. 24) could not dampen the enthusiasm and excitement of dedicating the trail whose iron tracks from the Northern Pacific Railroad run through the central part of the University of Washington Tacoma campus.

Although the project is not fully completed, sections of grass, gravel and brick have replaced the unsightly old rusting iron tracks. This capital projects improvement is part of the continuing commitment by the University of Washington to make its branch campuses more community-friendly and a place

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TACOMA: Billboard blight threatens civic projects

Tacomans should be excited about two great civic projects that are being built in downtown Tacoma. The $2.6 million Prairie Line Trail project will run through the University of Washington Tacoma, cross Pacific Avenue and pass adjacent to the Tacoma Art Museum.

The museum itself is undergoing a $15.5 expansion and will soon house the Haub Family Collection of Western American art.

Unfortunately, a single rusty dilapidated billboard threatens to squander much of the potential benefit of these civic projects. Sitting right in the middle of the proposed Prairie Line Trail, the billboard with absurdly force the pedestrian path to

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TACOMA: Mind history with Prairie Line Trail

Re: “‘Historic’ trail loses unless it follows actual history” (Peter Callaghan column, 7-8).

Hooray for Callaghan! He correctly saw that not everyone was represented in the so-called “win-win-win” plan for relocating the Prairie Line Trail.

If it is to preserve its history, the Prairie Line Trail needs to replace the Prairie Line tracks.

(Selby is a member of Tacoma Wheelmen and on the board of the Foothills Trail Coalition.)