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MARIJUANA: Council acts beyond its scope

Re: “Council overrides pot veto” (TNT, 12-11).

The flurry of recent actions by Pierce County Council members Jim McCune, Joyce McDonald, Doug Richardson, Stan Flemming and Dan Roach essentially blocks folks in Pierce County from engaging in selling and growing marijuana (for recreational purposes). However, it is their right to do so in accordance with voter-approved Initiative 502.

The actions are extraordinary and beyond the scope of the County Council. Since when has it become the business of a handful of council members to pick and choose which state laws they like and don’t like?

But voters will soon

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POT: We’re creating a cannabis casbah

Washington state, by voter decree, accompanied by a federal Department of Justice wink and a nod will soon become a cannabis casbah. The banks will accept hash cash, the tokers will only limit themselves to an average of one joint every three days, and this action will take place in the basement, behind the stairs I imagine.

Because not only is secondhand smoke bad for the children’s health, but it would also be illegal. But maybe the wiser parents will opt for whatever new government-approved method of dispensing cannabis the market place brings about.

And it’s all ours; the law

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MARIJUANA: Some never quite escape drug past

Jan. 7, 2013 is a day I will never forget. Less than a month after my letter, “Mom’s pot smoking led to neglect,” was published in the online News Tribune, I learned shocking news that my little brother had OD’d on heroin and cocaine and had a blood-alcohol level of 0.22 on April 1, 2010.

His downward spiral began with marijuana, which had been a central part of our childhood.

The ending of my letter was: “When I was 15, my mother said I would grow up to be just like her. Instead, I finished high school, earned a

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POT: Fact remains that it’s dangerous

Re: “Pot activists concerned about children” (TNT 9-24).

Thanks for a well-written and balanced article on the effects of pot legalization on our youth. The pro-pot folks still don’t get the undeniable medical facts that marijuana is a dangerous psychogenic drug – for adults as well as youth.

I don’t think marketing signage will make any difference to a kid who decides that if Dad or Uncle Joe uses it, so can I. Put the pot debate to bed by demanding our government publish its justification in categorizing marijuana as a Class I controlled substance.


POT: Myths and misconceptions abound

Re: “Navigating the road to commercial marijuana no simple task” (TNT, 5-21).

It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant so-called drug experts are when rationalizing the legalization of marijuana. In the article, Bill Keller of The New York Times references Mark Kleiman’s comments about how “making outlaws of people for enjoying a drug that is less injurious than alcohol or tobacco.”

Let’s think about that statement. Maybe it’s because marijuana is (a psychogenic) illegal and once legal will trump (by a large margin) the injurious effects of alcohol (a depressent) and caffeine (a stimulus). But the comment that

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POT: Greed knows no boundaries

Disappointment and disgust greeted me as I read the business article, “Wall Street sniffs out opportunity in marijuana” (TNT, 4-21). I’m still waiting for The News Tribune to feature an in-depth article on the extreme (negative) physical and mental consequences marijuana has on the user.

Legitimizing and legalizing pot only condemns our youth to well-documented physical and mental health problems, including chronic apathy, a variety of cancers and pallid psychosis (to name a few).

If only our glorious federal government and the medical and health care industries would do their jobs.


POT: Put Hill’s ‘crime’ in perspective

I see where Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill was arrested for marijuana possession in Atlanta, Ga. (TNT, 2-28). According to the news reports, an odor of marijuana was emanating from his apartment – his private residence – and police obtained a search warrant, found marijuana residue and ash, and arrested Hill and his girlfriend.

So let me get this straight: Hill was arrested and hauled off to detention for smoking a substance that has caused a statistically negligible number of deaths, if any. The illegality of this substance has caused tens of thousands of deaths in Mexico and other countries,

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POT: I-502 could threaten federal contracts

Re: Initiative 502.

Legalization of marijuana in Washington state for recreational use will unquestionably have detrimental effects on employers, the citizens and ultimately the long-term viability of the state economy. Marijuana use is illegal by federal statute.

If passed into law, I-502 will place employers in an untenable position between state and federal laws. For example, employers that are subject to the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 may lose their ability to bid on federal contracts or receive federal grants. This will have a direct negative economic impact on firms that rely on federal contracts or grants and

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