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USPS: Increase rates for junk mail

Here is the solution to the Postal Service’s deficit: charge more for junk mail. Everyone hates the stuff. Half or more of the mail we receive is junk, i.e., unwanted and destined for the recycle bin. We would love to receive less of it. Increasing its cost would reduce the amount we receive, balance the USPS books, and allow the retention of full six-day service. Problem solved!


MAIL: Don’t give discounts for ‘junk’ mail

The U.S. Postal Service has faced multiple deficits for years, accelerating more so after the electronic revolution. Rates have consistently gone up and usage down.

However, a large segment of the users doesn’t pay its fair share. It costs just as much to deliver “junk” mail as it does first-class mail. However, “junk” mail senders pay a markedly discounted rate. These companies/people/etc. who send “second-class mail” should pay the same rate as the private citizen – the first-class mail rate.

The cost to the USPS to deliver 50,000 “junk” mail postings is the same as the cost for 50,000 regular

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USPS: Postal Service is vital

It is surprising to me that The News Tribune would write an editorial on a subject that it obviously has not researched very well.

The editorial plays the old familiar blame game of the postal unions and their “uncommonly generous employee benefits.”

Never a mention of the Congress mandated requirement to pre-fund retiree health care for the next 75 years, and do it in 10 years, at a cost to the Postal Service of $5 billion a year. No other federal agency is required to do this. The inspector general’s office has stated that the overpayment into this fund

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USPS: Eliminate job-killing legislation

Re: “Postal workers rally” (TNT, 4-18).

The cutline refers to health care costs that “workers allegedly overpaid.” That just fried my sense of justice.

There is no “alleged”; the true facts are not reported by any mainstream press. In 2006, Congress passed the Postal Accountability Enhancement Act mandating the U.S. Postal Service to pre-fund its retirement/health benefits for 75 years into the future. And this must be accomplished in 10 years!

This costs the USPS $5.5 billion annually, and it already has $326 billion deposited into the U.S. Treasury.

This is a manufactured problem created by the Bush Congress to

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USPS: Is the next step privatizing the postal service?

Several months ago, I read and disagreed adamantly with Robert J. Samuelson’s column on the U.S. Postal Service. I interpreted Samuelson’s views to be calling for the privatization of our mail system.

Our postal system is probably the best in the world, and compared to almost every other nation I know of, the least costly. I remember sending a package to Italy and then reading someplace where its delivery was not guaranteed; if the postal sacks are too heavy, mail is thrown away! I once sent a book to someone in Spain, and it took more than two months to be

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USPS: Only one realistic answer to Postal Service dilemma

As a former U.S. Postal Service manager with 40 years of experience, I think I have a good idea about how the Postal Office works. After watching several hours of congressional oversight committee questioning of the Postal Board of Governors and various other meetings, it is very clear what needs to be done to solve the dilemma.

• Keep the Postal Service a semi-quasi government agency, but give it an opportunity to compete in a free market without restrictions. Privatizing the Postal Service will only result in higher prices and less coverage. A private business would not send shipments from

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USPS: Refund mandated health payments

There is much talk about cutting the delivery days of the U.S. Postal Service to five days a week. The Postal Service is just that, a service industry. We sell service. When service is your product, it seems strange to cut that service and think that you are improving it.

The Postal Service is trying to get returned the billions of dollars it has had to pay to prefund the health care trust fund. Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the Government Oversight Committee, has called the effort a bailout.

It involves not a penny of taxpayer money. It is the

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