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PORT: Would Tacoma commissioners get salaries?

I appreciate your coverage of the Port of Tacoma alliance with the Seattle Port. I think it is important that citizens have
a voice. One day’s notice for a meeting in Federal Way early in the morning is not appropriate notice to citizens and probably represents the low turnout.

Second, I appreciate the concerns of Tacoma Port Commissioner Don Meyer (TNT, 5-13). Whether I agree with him or no, his questions are needed for citizens to understand what the alliance means to Tacoma and Pierce County.

In addition, Seattle port commissioners receive a salary, stipends, health care and per diems. They

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PORTS: Input obviously isn’t really being sought

Re: “Public to weigh in on Seaport plans” (TNT, 5-8).

I wish to thank our elected port commissioners for the opportunity to provide public input about the combining of the ports of Tacoma and Seattle. But their lack of consideration for advance public notification continues to strengthen the belief that along with their illegal private meetings, they don’t want to hear what the taxpayers have to say.

The News Tribune’s article on Friday morning announced the meeting that same day. The commissioners are not really seeking input; they’re dictating what they are doing with public monies. They’ve decided that the agreement between the ports will occur

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EXPORTS: Invest more in ports and infrastructure

The good news about the ports of Seattle and Tacoma working together and Don Esterbrook’s recent comments about developing the capacity to deal with “megaships” (TNT, 4-1) reinforce that Washington state needs to act, and act soon, to enhance our export capacity or risk losing more jobs to Canada and other West Coast ports.

Investments in rail, roads, bridges and ports pay considerable dividends. Locally, completion of state Route 167 is a clear priority. A robust port system ensures long-term economic benefits by keeping Washington state competitive today and into the future.


PORT: Performance data shouldn’t be combined

I read with dismay that the newly aligned ports of Seattle and Tacoma won’t be providing online access to their separate performance data. Rather, they will put up combined data (TNT, 1-22).

The last I knew, the Port of Tacoma was still a taxing district. I have a right to know how my local tax dollars are being spent. It’s great to combine data, but in this day and age, when data is so easily manipulated, there isn’t a good reason why I shouldn’t be able to access the separate data as well.

This kind of thinking by officials

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SR 167: New coalition must move state forward

The legislative session adjourned again without a comprehensive transportation funding plan. The bipartisan SR 167 Completion Coalition that included the Port of Tacoma, businesses of the port, labor and civic leaders from across the state built a strong case but did not convince the Legislature.

We cannot falter now. We must still fight for a transportation package, and we learned this session that we cannot do it alone.

The ports of Tacoma and Seattle, which are among the largest collection of port facilities in the nation, must continue to follow through on a Port to Port initiative. The business community

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