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CLIMATE: Pope forgets about overpopulation problem

I was surprised to see that Pope Francis is concerned with environmental degradation and climate change (TNT, 6-19).

I agree with his critique of consumerism, irresponsible development and reckless pursuit of profits as factors contributing to destruction of the environment, but I see no mention of the root cause for all of these, which is obviously overpopulation.

Pope Francis has the power to make an enormous contribution to the problem of overpopulation: Simply issue another “papal encyclical” reversing the Catholic Church’s ridiculous prohibition of birth control.


RELIGION: Pope’s response was disappointing

The only response to the recent murders in Paris should be unequivocal opposition: You can never kill people because they have offended or insulted your beliefs, even your religious beliefs. Period.

Pope Francis’ recent comments were not unequivocal. While condemning the murders, he implicitly made excuses for the killers and chastised people who dare to criticize or, in his view, “make fun of” people’s religious views.

I was saddened and surprised by the pope’s response to these horrific events.


FRANCIS: Pray for interfaith peace and understanding

I want to congratulate the Catholic Church and Pope Francis on his election to the office of pope. I pray that he can bring about interfaith peace and understanding through his leadership. As a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, we understand the importance of leadership and its role in bringing about peace between the various faith communities worldwide.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has always believed and practiced interfaith peace stemming from the teaching of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad invited Christians of his time to interfaith dialogue and guaranteed religious freedom. The Holy Quran, the holy scripture of

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