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POLLUTION: Coal proposal harmful to the Northwest

Major coal and shipping companies propose to strip-mine coal in Montana and Wyoming, transport it on long coal trains and massive cargo ships through Washington and Oregon, and sell it to Asia. Almost every major Washington community including Tacoma could be impacted.

According to Climate Solutions, shipping 130 million tons of coal annually would add more than 9,000 mile-long coal trains to Washington’s rail system every year. In addition to the added traffic congestion, there would be a variety of other impacts.

Each train car can lose 500 pounds of coal dust en route, polluting rivers, coastlines, farms, cities and

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POLLUTION: Put developers on the hook

Re: “Pollution rules might be delayed” (TNT, 3-2).

Please educate me. I don’t understand why stricter run-off rules for developments should cost cities and counties more money.

The developers should put in the required controls and infrastructure (roads, drainage lines, plantings, school requirements, etc.) as part of their developments, new or redos. If they don’t, these municipalities need to rewrite their rules. How much can that cost?


POLLUTION: Redraw burn ban boundaries

Re: “EPA deadline drives state to boost air rules” (TNT, 2021).

The air pollution regulators are at it again relative to restricting wood-stove burning in our area.

They just don’t understand that enforcing burn bans based on artificial political boundaries doesn’t work. For example, under a King County burn OK and a Pierce County burn bank, a home on the Enumclaw side of White River could burn away legally, while a home a few feet across the river in Buckley would be banned from burning and subject to heavy penalties and fines.

The regulators should be smart enough to

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POLLUTION: Refinery fire less of a threat than wood stoves?

Re: “Washington state investigates cause of BP refinery blaze” (TNT, 2-19) and photo.

With all that black smoke spewing for hours at least, “the U.S. EPA tested the air near the facility and at locations downwind and found no measurable threats from airborne pollutants related to the fire, according to the article.

Meanwhile, the Pierce County air pollution sniffers are ready to shut down with $1,000 fines the few remaining stokers of wood-burning stoves or heaters.

Do the Pierce County sniffers and the Cherry Point air sniffers come from the same planet?


POLLUTION: Stop oil getting in the bay

The article (TNT, 5-2) regarding stormwater run off was very enlightening. It showed that we have not been working hard to protect our great Puget Sound.

The research of new ways and products by the Washington State University Extension Service will take protection of the waterways to a new level. Right now the two military ships parked along Ruston Way are seeking permission to add 60 overwater parking spots. All the oil and contaminates will be washed into the bay.

Should they be denied this variance or will we wait and have to pay to clean it up

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PUGET SOUND: Greener way to rid roof of moss

Re: “Saving the Sound from water” (TNT, 5-2).

Thank you for the article regarding our polluted Puget Sound.

Suggestion: Avoid using roof moss-removing products full of harmful chemicals by using baking soda. It really works!