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VOTING: Polling place is sanctuary of democracy

I voted for president Monday evening. I went alone to the darkened Spanaway post office, and I dropped my ballot in the mailbox. What an empty feeling it was.

Four years ago, I went to my polling place in a local school auditorium. The room was packed with citizens exercising their franchise in person. We all had to wait in line a while, but no one complained. Republican, Democrat, Independent – we were all united by our participation in the democratic process.

How have we so easily abandoned a 400-year-old tradition of voting in person? The polling place is the

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VOTING: State can save money elsewhere

Re: “State ends poll voting” (TNT, 3-26).

Slowly but surely, we the people are losing our freedoms to the state. The conversion from poll voting to voting by mail is the last straw.

We are fortunate to have the right to vote. It’s our only defense against the more prevalent governmental model: corrupt dictatorship, which does not permit voting. Ballot boxes protect the sanctity and the anonymity of that vote.

Mail can be illegible, lost, stolen, or destroyed by high-speed sorting equipment and weather. Collection boxes themselves can be stolen or destroyed, and their contents reduced to ashes. Return addresses

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VOTING: Poll voters miss Rosa Franklin’s influence

On March 4, the state Senate debated a bill that effectively ended poll voting in Pierce County.

When the Legislature began this year, I had sent my representative, state Sen. Steve Conway, a letter informing him that I wanted to see poll voting continue in Pierce County. Not because I took pride in the fact that Pierce County was the last county in the state that allowed poll voting, but because I felt it was a time-honored tradition that should be allowed to continue.

Conway was one the of the senators voting to end poll voting. It’s ironic that he

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