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ELECTION: Expensive graffiti litters our roadsides

I don’t think I’m the only one who dislikes the cluttering of our area with political signs. I understand the need for name recognition, but I find it annoying and confusing when they litter the landscape.

On that note, I would like to thank Malcolm Russell for removing the political sign from my property, which backs on to 67th Avenue West in University Place. It was possibly installed by a zealous volunteer who may not have known to get permission before posting the sign on private property.

Russell’s prompt response to my request via phone message to an answering machine

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ELECTION: Political signs in dangerous places

I would like to see the city develop and enforce some kind of regulation of the political signs that are literally, littering our streets.

One prime example is along Schuster Parkway. Political signs from practically every candidate and even a business or two are placed about every two to four feet or less. Wouldn’t one, per candidate, be enough? It’s not like you can turn off that stretch of road before you get to either the Dock Street bridge or make your way to either 30th Street or up the overpass to Ruston Way where another visual assault awaits.


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ELECTION: The primary is over, get your signs

During a 12-mile round-trip drive that I made today, I counted more than 150 political signs along the road. The primary is over and these signs are, to say the least, unsightly. The city/county/state or somebody should impose a fine of $10 for each sign that is not removed within 24 hours of the election and then hire some people to go out and pick them up and pay those people $5 for each sign.

I believe that after these politicians had to pay for this, they would ensure that they did not leave them out again. The fines

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