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COURT: Don’t try cussing out the liberal justices

The state Supreme Court recently ruled that yelling profanity at police is protected by the First Amendment (TNT, 6-26).

Apparently, it’s now legal to shout profanity in public, even if it causes a disturbance for others. Freedom of speech is great, if it’s directed towards police officers, not judges.

I suggest no one ever stand on the front steps of the state Supreme Court and shout that the justices are liberal morons with a pro-criminal agenda. You should also not point out that the state Supreme Court is completely unaccountable to, and out of touch with, the citizens of

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POLICE: Little wonder that Baltimore’s bloodier

Re: ”Baltimore getting bloodier with fewer arrests” (TNT, 5-29).

This article really caught my eye. My first reaction was “Duh.” What do people expect?

Everyone who knows nothing about police work wants to get into the officers’ back pocket and dissect everything they do. Then, when they do something that doesn’t look right, they want the officer(s) jailed and strung up.

I keep hearing the tree-huggers saying profiling is not right, yet they constantly profile the police. Cop makes a mistake, they are all a bunch of crazy killers.

A bad guy does something wrong, and it takes month for

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TACOMA: Community discussions are vital

I applaud The News Tribune for inviting community leaders in for a discussion (Karen Peterson column, 5-24) to avoid a flare-up that we’ve seen in many other cities recently regarding police and community relations.

Recently, at City Club of Tacoma, we had a program titled “Can Ferguson Happen in Tacoma?” The News Tribune and City Club invited some of the same community leaders, such as Lyle Quasim and Tacoma Police Chief Don Ramsdell. But we had one additional, and in my opinion, key player involved: Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist.

Lindquist was a vital part of our program, lending his

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POLICE: Protesters’ outrage is misdirected

The front page of the May 23 News Tribune shows a shoplifter throwing a case of beer at a store employee in Olympia. The shoplifter and his accomplice are both later shot by an investigating officer.

As in other recent officer-involved shootings, up jump the protesters and anarchists howling for police reform. Acts of civil disobedience ensue, cries of outrage and civic indignation ring. Yet the facts are not all in.

Page 3 of that same edition of The News Tribune carried the headline, “Father suspected in beating of girl, 2.” According to the article, Lakewood officers see him hanging her

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POLICE: Bias apparent in article about shooting

Re: “No charges for officer who killed 18-year-old” (TNT, 5-20).

The emphasis in this three-paragraph story seems to be on the fact that the man was yet another black teenager who was shot and killed by a white police officer in St. Louis, Missouri.

Not until the very last lines of the article do we learn that VonDerrit Myers Jr. was armed and that the officer shot “in self-defense after Myers first fired at him.”

A more accurate headline would have been: “No charges for officer who killed armed man.”

I see bias in this reporting because the most important reason for this death

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LAKEWOOD: It’s easy to second-guess police

Re: “Rethink use of force policy and police oversight in Lakewood” (Your Voice, 5-18).

I love Monday morning quarterbacks, especially the ones who didn’t even watch the game.

I had the opportunity to discuss (and learn about) the issue of lethal force with a Lakewood Police Department detective. Another self-appointed expert present at the time asked, “Why do you shoot to kill?”

The answer was immediate, forthright and courteous: “We don’t shoot to kill; we eliminate the threat. There are only three seconds in which to (make that decision).”

Those three seconds probably pass quickly. The poor man who was shot

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POLICE: Why not practice de-escalation?

Whatever happened to community policing and cops who had a clue about things like mental illness and homeless folks, and not an itchy finger?

The Lakewood officers just killed a guy because they thought a cellphone in his hand was a gun. Really?

This is not the first time a Pierce County based law officer has executed a mentally ill member of our community for no reason at all, and I fear it will not be the last.

Is this the quality of police we have now? What ever happened to de-escalation? Today, it seems that “deescalation” means pumping a few rounds

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POLICE: Don’t allow ‘Brady cops’ to serve

Re: “Staffer files complaint on Lindquist” (TNT, 5-14).

Coverage of the ongoing controversy within the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office has brought attention to a disturbing feature of our criminal justice system: the “Brady cop.”

It is astonishing to me that a law enforcement agency would retain an officer once his or her court testimony could be impeached due to a documented lack of integrity. Such a person should be disqualified from working in law enforcement. This is not really a heavy lift, is it?

There should be no such thing as a “Brady cop.” Instead, there should be ex-cops who had

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