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POLICE: Our officers deserve public support

With the anniversary Tuesday of the brutal slayings of the four Lakewood police officers, it saddens me to see so much negative attention focused on law enforcement.

Two years ago I watched as thousands of people lined the streets to honor these fallen officers. It’s a shame that it takes such a horrible event to bring out the goodness in people and simple things as a YouTube video to pass such quick judgment on police officers.

I would like to thank all the men and women of law enforcement for the selfless work that they do. I will not forget

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POLICE: Recognition is appreciated

I cried as I read Sunday’s editorial (TNT, 11-20) regarding law enforcement. Thank you for publicly expressing that view. It means the world to me. If the saying is true about one letter writer really representing 100, 1,000 or sometimes 10,000 others, then this letter is coming from more than just myself.

Being married to a trooper for 27 years, I can tell you that the perception of law enforcement has changed so drastically over the years. Society, too, has changed and not all for the good.

Do I believe one editorial will change everything? No, I do not, but

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POLICE: Uniform doesn’t make one above reproach

Re: ”Demonizing the cops: A stale, vicious protest tactic” (editorial, 11-20).

The editorial had a good deal of truth to it, but only covered half the story. While I applaud the majority of the Occupy Wall Street movement for bringing to light gross misconduct by our banking and financial intuitions, it is true that there is a small portion among them that only has an agenda of causing mayhem and violence. I agree that this element should be dealt with harshly.

That said, there is also an element among the various police forces that seems bent on violence and mayhem

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TRAFFIC: Officers lacked common sense

Re: “Driver arrested in South Hill after chase” (TNT, 7-16).

I was stuck in the traffic jam on Meridian caused by eight Tacoma police cars blocking the southbound right lane after officers bumped a fleeing car at 136th and Meridian. I went through at about 5:30 p.m. and when arriving home found that my son had been blocked the same way at 4:30.

Over an hour, eight police cars lights flashing, engines likely running and wasting gas – and for what reason? The suspect was in custody, the car was off the road and officers were standing around gabbing.


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TACOMA: What are the TPD’s priorities?

A few months ago, I pulled into a Tacoma big-box store’s parking lot and parked in the handicapped parking area. I was approached by a uniformed police officer and asked if this was my vehicle and handicapped tag, which they were. I was asked for the ID card with the tag, which I had and for my ID.

Last month, my wife was hit broadside in Tacoma by a vehicle turning left, crossing three lanes. She was bruised and banged up but fortunately suffered no broken bones. She called 911 and was told since no ambulance was needed that no

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POLICE: What’s with the militarization?

Recently in Stockton, Calif., Kenneth Wright’s home was invaded by the local SWAT team. He was detained for six hours in front of his home, in a police car, handcuffed and in his underwear. His alleged crime was that his estranged wife (who lives elsewhere) defaulted on her student loan.

It seems the Department of Education engaged the local SWAT team to invade Wright’s home to look for his deadbeat ex-wife. That’s just another good reason to get rid of the Department of Education, but it’s not the point of my comments.

We see more and more SWAT actions in

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